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    Xiaomi, IPO, HK   2018-05-13
    Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi has filed documents for an IPO on the Hong Kong stock exchange that could see the company raise at least $10 billion in the biggest public offer since 2014. The IPO is expected to value the company at between $80 billion a
    Samsung, European Market, Apple   2018-05-13
    SINGAPORE: Even as smartphone shipments fell 6.3 per cent Year-on-Year (YoY), the biggest ever drop in a single quarter, Samsung shipped over 15 million smartphones to lead the European market in the first quarter of 2018. According to Singapore-based ma
    China Mobile, Huawei, E2E Open Lab, 5G   2018-05-04
    [Beijing, China, April 26, 2018] China Mobile and Huawei jointly set up an end-to-end (E2E) Open Lab in Beijing based on the latest 5G standards during China Mobile 5G Innovation Center's Partner Conference. The two parties also teamed up to showca
    Huawei, 5G, ACIA   2018-05-04
    [Hanover, Germany, April 26, 2018] The upcoming generation of mobile networks 5G is of great importance for industry. The "5G Alliance for Connected Industries and Automation" (5G-ACIA), which was established at the ZVEI on April 2018, strives
    China Unicom, Huawei, 5G, Edge-Cloud Smart Port   2018-05-04
    [Chongqing, China, April 26, 2018] China Unicom and Huawei jointly released industry-first “5G Edge-Cloud Smart Port Solution” at the China Unicom Partner Conference & Communication Terminal Fair. This solution provides a fully connected
    Huawei, Ping An Technology, AI Customer Service   2018-05-04
    [Shenzhen, China, April 27, 2018] At the Huawei Global Analyst Summit 2018, Ping An Technology, an industry-leading technology company, announced that it leveraged the Huawei SD-WAN solution to quickly roll out the AI customer service. With this new AI c
    Huawei, MEC@CloudEdge, Award   2018-05-04
    [China, Beijing, April 28, 2018] Huawei MEC@CloudEdge solution wins ‘MEC Best Practice’ Award at MEC Technology and Industry Development Summit. Zhou Yan, Director of Research Department of Huawei Cloud Core Network Product Line (rig
    Huawei, Marine, PEACE   2018-05-04
    [Tianjin, China, May 2, 2018] Huawei Marine has announced today that the marine survey for its PEACE (Pakistan & East Africa Connecting Europe) project is now underway. The PEACE submarine cable system will connect Pakistan, Djibouti, Kenya, Egypt, a
    ZTT, 44.65 billion sales, 29.4% increase   2018-05-04
    Just after the New Year, ZTT brought another good news that the Company achieved a sales revenue of 44.65 billion CNY in 2017. Faced with the severe situation of real economy fluctuations and unprecedentedly increased operating pressure, it is really not
    ZTT, Contracted Projects, 2017   2018-05-04
    There’ve been changes everywhere in the world. Let’s take a browse at ZTT’s contribution to such changes. Our first stop is Germany. Here ZTT secured a 155kV submarine cable project as the general contractor. It’s
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