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    Today is the 75th anniversary of the founding of Aberdare Cables, one of Hengtong’s South African subsidiaries. Since joining Hengtong in 2016, Aberdare has witnessed great growth and made remarkable contribution to Hengtong Group. On this significant ann
    telco, bank   2021-08-17
    Findings from a recent Google survey of the financial institutions’ cloudification experience may serve as a mirror held up to the telecoms industry.
    Thailand, Operator A, fiberhome, WIFI 6   2021-08-12
    In recent years, A operator in Thailand has not only faced the competitive pressure of the new full-service model of mainstream top operators, but also staged a hand-to-hand battle with regional operators/ISPs to grab users. In order to cope with these fi
    Hengtong, twins, Taiwan   2021-08-11
    On August 6, Hengtong IBG gets a full house in its C-section meeting room, where a cross-straits cultural feast is being served. Yes, a “feast”. Indeed!

    He Ying-Wei and Wu He-Ling, two Taiwanese girls pursuing study in the mainland and now taking a thr

    GSA, 5G devices, 900   2021-08-11
    The GSA today confirmed the number of announced 5G devices has surpassed 900 for the first time and now stands at 938 announced 5G devices – an increase of 24.1% over the last quarter. The number of 5G devices understood to be commercially available has s
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