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China to Test Future Network in 40 Cities Connecting Existing Network

2017-04-21 11:14:41


The new network reform follows 40 years' development of the Internet, Liu Yunjie, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, director of China Unicom Science & Technology Commission noted at the 2017 Global Future Network Development Summit on April 18.
Mr. Liu said the future network innovation technologies require large-scale deployments, testing and verification while the traditional telecom operators can't settle into the testing due to the hardened network architecture and physical facilities.
The nation-imperative research facility future network testing project was approved in the end of last year. An advanced, open, flexible, internationalized universal future network test facility will provide a simple, efficient and low-cost experimental verification environment for the network innovation architecture research, support the network space technology research, and has made major breakthroughs in key equipment, network operating system, safety mechanism and large-scale networking testing.
According to the academician, the future network will cover 40 Chinese cities, support 4096 parallel experiments, interconnect the existing IP networks, carry the existing Internet business efficiently, comprehensively enhance the network innovation capacity and the core competitiveness of network industry, as well as building an autonomous, safe network environment in China.

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