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FiberHome FONST 6000 Large-capacity POTN Equipment Cater to Ultra-100G Era

2015-12-04 11:19:44

Market demand boosts technology evolution. As Internet is penetrating into various fields and innovative technologies such as theInternet of things, cloud computing and big data are applied, data traffic is increasing ten or even hundreds of times as fast as it was before, which imposes huge challenge on the load of optical transmission network.


Hence, when the 100Gb/s backbone network is rolling out nationwide, ultra-100Gb/s technology with higher speed rate is catching the attention of the whole industry. Overseas scientific research institutions initiated the studies on 400Gb/s, 1T/s or even ultra-100Gb/s transmission technologies years ago. FiberHome was also involved in the study and achieved remarkable success. In November 2013, FiberHome achieved the single light source 3.2T and 2080KM long-distance transmission, which is the biggest transmission speed rate and distance product. In September, 2014, the national scientific research program“three supers”on communication basis study initiated by FiberHome was chosen by Chinese social science research institution as one of the “top ten scientific advances”. Its research result helped single optical fiber to transmit 100.23T. With the advancement of optical transmission technology, domestic operators have averted their focus from 100Gb/s to 400Gb/s / 1Tb/s development. When 100Gb/s just reached its peak, the dawn of ultra-100G just breaks.


The rising line speed rate requires better performance of optical transmission equipment. For example, 400G optical transmission system requires the cross capacity of a single electric frame of OTN equipment reach over 32T. It is known that it is Huawei and FiberHome in China that can provide OTN equipment of this level.


In the China International Information Communication Expo in Beijing convened on September 22nd, 2015, FiberHome introduced a new generation of POTN equipment FONST 6000 that is a future intelligent transmission platform characterized by ultra-100G large capacity and combination of IP and light. Asenior technical titan from FiberHome disclosed that PONST6000 is mainly applied to large joints such as core backbone network, core aggregation network and metro core network. This product will provide the most optimized service carrying solution for operators when network has bigger broadband and becomes super simplified. It has the following features:


400G/1T platform, cater to ultra-100G application

It has single slotcapacity reach to 500G, the biggest in the industry and can be upgraded to 1T so as to feel free to cater to single wave 400G/1T application.


It has the highest integration level. Single slot can be support 5*100G tributary interface, andline side 2*100G coherent opticalinterface andline side 1*400G coherent optical interface can efficiently promote equipment access capacity.


It supports various modulation ways such as 200G PM-16QAM, 200G PM-8QAM and 100G PM-QPSK to switch freely. These modulation methods can be applied to different scenarios.


The leading advantages of FiberHome FONST6000 in terms of highspeed-rates is from the following core technology application:


Multi-dimension modulation technology

Multi-dimension and multi-system modulation technology can carry multiply bit information,promotefrequency spectrum efficiency, reduce the baud rate sent by symbol, decrease baseband bandwidth and related chromatic dispersion and polarization mode dispersion and lesson the need for transmission path and optoelectric device broadband.


Chart 1 constellation diagram of multi-dimension and multi-level modulation

OFDM (Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing) technology


Chart 2 coherent received light OFDM system structure


The application of OFDM has the following advantages:

Sub-band division reduces system’s broadband requirements for optical communication device and strengthens the flexibility of choosing optical device and module; pilot subcarrier helps to estimate information channel and phase; promote the use ratio of frequency spectrum resource; has good extendibility.


Digital coherent receiving

Digital coherent receiving adopts cheap and mature digital signal processing technology to promote the feasibility and reliability of data transmission. The adaptive algorithms of digital signal processing can dynamically remedy the transmission impairment with time changing and realize high efficient forward checking coding algorithm.


After the optical signal is quantized digital signal when it finished photovoltaic conversion and sampling through high speed A/D converter, with signal processing technology, it can estimate carrier frequency phase and the balance and remedy of linear phase noise.


Forward correction coding

When modulation, checking, balancing and multiplexing are unable to meet the requirement for system transmission performance, linear coding technology can be employed to further promote system performance. FEC can effectively improve system transmission performance, optimize OSNR requirements and promote signal’s tolerance for path impairment.


FiberHome’ soft decision and LDPC have the code gain that is very close to Shannon Limit and it can be realized easily by using parallel processing. It is also applied to 100Gbit/s optical transmission system.


32T/64T cross capacity, adopt unified cell crossing core

With 32T intersection capacity, it can achieve a smooth upgrade to 64T so as to better satisfy the dispatching requirements for numerous data of network super node. 


Using switching core of unified cell, it is of flexible dispatching and high extendibility. It can achieve mix access of TDM, ODUk and Packet service at random proportion and flexible networking, which can cut down the equipment’s power consumption and size.


Integrating MPLS-TP function can achieve data statistical multiplexing. Aggregation of Ethernet pot, backbone IP+ light synergy and the comprehensive carrying of private line L0/L1/L2 greatly lift transmission efficiency. Integrated equipment successfully promotes flat network.


Chart 3switching core of unified cell


Intelligent green platform towards SDN network

Refined dynamic energy-saving, 20nm leading chip techniques, efficient power design, optimized heat radiation structure, partition of power supply, self-adaptive adjustment of crossing power consumption can save energy effectively, making its equipment performance the best of its kind.


FiberHome’ FONST6000 employs open SDN structure to control OTN network via flexible APP to achieve BoD, network virtualization VTS, IP and light synergy so as to innovate operators’ business model, speed up the approval of new business and make network control and operating &maintenance more intelligent and convenient.


Today’s communication industry is experiencing drastic changes. Networking is becoming faster and more simplified. Based on customers’ demand, FiberHome continues to make technological innovation. It provides its users with the most valuable solutions to face up to industry shift. 

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