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Deep Integration of Services and Networks,SDN/NFV is Ready

2016-10-13 08:29:18

 With the increasing demand for broadband of 5G, 4K Video, VR, IOT, the communications industry desperately needs a bottom-up change. According to the latest forecast data of Cisco VNI (Visual Networking Index), Global IP traffic in 2016 will remain at the level of 88.7 EB per month, and this data will reach 194 EB in 2020, in which the number of devices connected to IP networks will be three timesas high as the global population in 2020.Thiswill bea rigorous challenge for the O&M work of operators. How to realize the deep integration ofservices and networks so as to enhance the experience of network operation, as well as further reducing CAPEX / OPEX, it has become the first problem every operator must address.


IP Traffic in 2020SourceCisco Visual Networking Index

SDN / NFV landed, contributing to the future agile and intelligent network

To effectively improve the utilization of network resources, reduce maintenance costs and accelerate services deployment, the operator needs a cloud-based network structure, which in detail is to make the network function software-based, unify services arrangement, and establish hardware resource pools of cloud. The current acceleration landingof SDN / NFV technologyturns these things into reality.

Future network takes flexible deployment and resilient expansion of network functions, the most optimal costs as target, it takes efficient use of SDN and NFV through the unified arrangement of services and networks. Here SDN places emphasis onthe separation about the control layer and forwarding layer, which is based on network functions of dedicated hardware; NFV pays the attention to the separation of hardware and software, which is based on virtual network function of VM. Although the concepts of SDN and NFV differ, there is a strong complementarity between the two, SDN can bring more flexibility to the network, and NFV can better adapt to the virtual environment, synergy between the two could build highly resilient, highly scalable, agile and intelligent network.


SDN / NFV / Cloud will build the future agile and intelligent network

Zhao Huiling, executive director of China Institute of Communications, emphasized in her speech in 2016 Global SDNFV Technology Conference, SDN/NFV has entered the stage of development in 2016-2019, amounts of project about SDN/NFVhas landed, including Domain 2.0 from AT&T, CSO organizer project from the cooperation among ONF, Vodafone, China Telecom and other operators.China Telecom has set up the cloud computing laboratory, and taken cloud data centers as a breakthrough point in order to deeply verify the deployment feasibility upon the existing network with other industry manufacturers, One of the most important manufacturers is FiberHome; Vodafone in Germany, has used the virtualization technology upon roaming PGW of the existing network, and deployed virtual platforms and devices; AT &T wants to NFVappliedin the bottom of the stack, and then applied to the physical layer, so as to promote NFV applied in the whole optical transmission network. Mainstream operators are actively deploying SDN/NFV in order to seize the technological and market heights.


Fiberhomewon the top rank about integrated solution of SDN/NFV

According to the survey report of TBR, in 2021 global SDN and NFV marketing will exceed $ 158 billion with the annual compound growth rate of 116%. In order to meet the development needs of operators,mainstream manufacturers are actively providing the integrated cloud solution based on SDN/NFV. In 2016 China SDN/NFV conference, the deputy director Chen Jiachun from the Ministry of Information and Communication Development Division, and chairman Wei Leping from SDN / NFV Industry Alliance, issued"2015 China Annual Best SDN Practice Award" to FiberHomewho attended the related tests.


As the expert in the field of optical communication,FiberHome is making every effort to promote the industrial development and commercial process of SDN. Now FiberHome has the ability to providethe complete solution (here FiberHome called it FitCloud)based on SDN with optical access network, optical transmission network, the packet network and the core backbone network. It is worth mentioning that in the field of OTN, the latest products FONST 5000 U series from FiberHomehave been closely combined with the SDN architecture, in order to deploy the future intelligent optical network and further improve the spectrum efficiency. What’s more, Fiberhome 400G OTN project is the most powerful one with the capacity of vertical integration from optical chip to optical module in China.


Fiberhome FitCloud Solution for Future Network

So far, FiberHomeis able to provide end-to-end SDN/NFV solution from the underlying hardware to the virtualization platform to the upper application, so as to help operators and industry customers deploy more efficient, agile and open computing and communications network, simplify operation and maintenance work, reduce TCO, and realize future-oriented service transformation and increasenew value for customers’network.

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