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FiberHome Innovative Technology and Application on Optical Fiber & Cable

2023-10-17 10:42:44

 The recently concluded Global Optical Fiber and Cable Conference 2023 in Wuhan witnessed a remarkable presentation by Luo Wenyong, the General Manager of the R&D Center of the Cable Business Unit of FiberHome. His keynote address, titled "Innovative Technology and Applications in Optical Fiber & Cable," explored the ever-evolving landscape of optical fiber technology.

As our society becomes increasingly reliant on information technology, the growth rate of data volume has outpaced the expansion of fiber optic communication capacity. Projections indicate that global data volume could skyrocket to a staggering 1 million Zettabytes (ZB) by 2050. In response to this immense challenge, the field of fiber optic cables must undergo essential developments, including achieving low-loss, low-cost, low-latency solutions and harnessing new materials and technologies. To address these demands, three key innovation directions were highlighted: enhancing single cable capacity, extending single-fiber technology, and expanding single-core capabilities.

Luo Wenyong emphasized the need to integrate cutting-edge technology, equipment, materials, and platforms with traditional methodologies. This integration fosters the development of environmentally friendly next-generation fully synthetic large-size preform technology, ultimately enhancing product competitiveness. FiberHome's innovative approach introduced a new generation of large-size vertical Outside Vapor Deposition (OVD) technology, accompanied by the groundbreaking three-step method, "VAD+PCVD+OVD," enabling the production of ultra-low-loss optical fiber with an attenuation rate as low as 0.160dB/km @1550nm and an effective area exceeding 130μm2. A remarkable milestone was achieved with FiberHome's pioneering 400G+G.654.E application in China, utilizing the longest G.654.E fiber optic cable in existing networks, thereby establishing the industry's longest-distance pure Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) powerless relay transmission.

Furthermore, precision manufacturing techniques have enabled an accuracy of ±0.05mm in controlling loose tube thickness during the manufacturing process. This achievement facilitates the realization of dry cables with 1728 cores or more and diameters less than 30mm, aligning perfectly with the burgeoning demand for high-speed, large-capacity data center applications.

Reduced outer diameter of 144-core fiber optic cables by 50% compared to existing cable with a minimum OD of 6.4mm for duct application

In the realm of large-capacity optical fiber technology, the fusion of multi-core fiber and multi-band expansion technology stands as the next generation's practical ultra-large-capacity optical fiber transmission trend. Mastery of waveguide structure design for ultra-low attenuation multi-core preform and high-precision multi-core optical fiber preparation processes empowers ultra-high precision control. Building upon these principles, FiberHome has developed high-performance 7-core fiber optic cables, instrumental in the spatial division multiplexing project in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. This achievement represents a landmark demonstration of the world's longest-distance and largest-capacity spatial division multiplexing optical network. Furthermore, FiberHome shattered communication speed barriers, achieving 3.03Pbit/s and 4Pbit/s transmission rates. This feat followed their pioneering accomplishment in the world's first S+C+L band super 3Pbit/s single-mode 19-core fiber optic transmission experiment, continuously establishing records in communication capacity.

FiberHome’s 7-core and 19-core optical fibers & multi-core preform

The continuous advancement of photonic technology allows us to comprehend the evolving synergy between the realms of electronics and optics, illuminating a path towards a light-driven society. Optical fiber & cable technology continually evolves across various industries, with new breakthroughs emerging. These innovations are progressively applied in diverse engineering applications, spanning across terrestrial, marine, and extraterrestrial domains. Noteworthy applications include dynamic optical cables serving as the optic nerve of the world's largest radio telescope, FAST, to support the exploration of the universe, and the development of fine-diameter irradiation-resistant optical fibers for novel applications. Additionally, marine cables and other technologies bolster deep-sea applications.

FiberHome's dynamic optical cable, " FAST’s optic nerve"

In closing, Luo Wenyong emphasized that optical fiber technology's reach extends beyond traditional communications, encompassing fields such as fiber optic sensing, fiber laser technology, and more. Presently, over 90% of the world's information is transmitted via optical fiber. As optical fiber technology continues to expand its footprint, it assumes a pivotal role in driving digital transformation and constitutes a foundational element of the all-optical society.

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