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Vodacom One Net Business Enables Cross Device Communication

2016-12-27 13:31:57


Vodacom have launched One Net Business, a cloud-based unified communications systems which seamlessly converges mobile and fixed telephone services across a number of devices
Vodacom launched One Net Business this week. One Net Business is a cloud-based unified communications systems while converges mobile and fixed telephone services across multiple devices. This means that a user can seamlessly switch a call from a mobile phone to a landline phone are the touch of the button, rather than transfer the call. This means that receiving call in the office on a landline and ending it in a taxi on a mobile phone is now a reality. 
In addition to the ease and accessibility of Vodacom One Net Business, there is also less risk of losing important phone calls while trying to transfer them, a common issue that many face in a business environment. 
All the integration across the devices takes places in the cloud. This means that there is no need for any addition hardware to be installed. One Net Business integrates company landlines, mobiles, desktops and tablet connectivity into one, easy to use platform. There are addition features to One Net Business, such as instant messaging, voice, video and web conferencing as well as document sharing in real time and on the go. 
“Flexible working is becoming an essential aspect of modern business,” says Chris Ross, Vodacom Business managing executive: Business Solutions. “Being able to work remotely and on any device, can rapidly improve productivity. One Net Business delivers true convergence and a simpler, more effective way to manage.” 

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