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China Mobile Ningbo leads the way in building 5G infrastructure for business growth

2023-07-07 10:54:29

 China Mobile Ningbo leads the way in building 5G infrastructure for business growth

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A crucial economic hub south of the Yangtze River Delta, Ningbo is successfully transitioning from an industrial hub to an intelligent and smart manufacturing center

Ningbo is a thriving economic hub with 83 manufacturing championships and 283 Specialized, Refined, Differential and Innovative (SRDI) enterprises. As many as 20 advanced 5G capabilities were first put into commercial use at Ningbo. The city created history when China’s first 5G fully conected factory corps was set up in Ningbo earlier this year. This was the culmination of several steps being taken by the city over the last few years to take leadership in providing the manufacturers with the best possible 5G-enabled digital infrastructure.

“China Mobile Ningbo has two key aspects of digital intelligence. First, by connecting information highway pipelines and, secondly, by boosting data-reality synergy. It focuses on six aspects, including preparing the subgrade, paving roads, widening lanes, building a hub, installing fast chargers and providing services to ensure stable and efficient information transmission. This approach helps in stimulating the industry, which in turn helps in boosting the digitalization of the industry,” says Wang Ying, General Manager of the Government and Enterprise Customer Department, China Mobile Ningbo.

Taking the leadership position

China Mobile Ningbo is now scaling up the 5G industrial internet to connect information highway pipelines and boost digital intelligent synergy. The city is fast moving from the trial stage to the large-scale implementation of 5G. It has already deployed 625 5G private networks and has put 20 advanced 5G capabilities into commercial use.

China Mobile Ningbo is constructing a high-performance all-optical network to provide a simplified, trustworthy and autonomous network to businesses and manufacturers. It is also building a superior Gigabit 5G network that provides wide coverage and ensures best-in-class network performance and user experience. China Mobile Ningbo’s efforts were acknowledged and it was awarded excellent carriers in four scenarios across the country.

Building 5G-based digital infrastructure for businesses of all sizes

China Mobile Ningbo has adopted a multi-pronged approach to ensure that different types of enterprises are able to leverage the vast potential of 5G to grow their business. For instance, more than 20 manufacturers have opted for on-premise private networks, which ensures data remains on-premise while providing uninterrupted services to grow production and operational efficiency.

On the other hand, more than 500 small and medium enterprises favour lightweight private networks, which are affordable and plug-and-play networks. Power grid areas require dedicated resources and security isolation, which is possible with slide-based private networks.

China Mobile Ningbo has created digital infrastructure to help Ningbo emerge as a global information hub and deliver dual-domain services across the intranet and extranet. International infrastructure enables easy on-demand access in both domestic and international environments. There are 225 Points of Presence (POPs) outside China, covering 87 countries and regions. It also offers secure, reliable dual-domain private network support to more than 30,000 customers for easy switchover between the intranet and extranet.

China Mobile Ningbo has built a comprehensive system from pre-sales, in-sales to post-sales to provide the required support across all stages to drive the growth of 5G adoption in the city. The telco has built a flexible, scalable and secure system for the enterprises to benefit from the growing 5G ecosystem.

“We are providing customizable networking solutions to ensure flexibility. China Mobile Ningbo is also committed to providing open network data services and intrinsic security protection systems. In addition, cloud-based deployment means that the services are provided on the nearest nodes, so as network adjustment upon service changes and coordinated computing-network upgrade.” elaborates Wang Ying of China Mobile, Ningbo.

Several enterprises are leveraging the benefits of 5G in Ningbo. Take the case of Ningbo Port Wharf and Zhenhai Refining and Chemical Company, which are using 5G-enabled use cases across production, management and decision-making to gain operational efficiencies. From quality control, logistics, security management, predictive analysis, HR management, intelligent supply chain, intelligent knowledge management, and finance management to maintenance, 5G-based processes are helping the company improve efficiency across the organization. On the other hand, IKD boasts of as many as 15 5G application scenarios to enhance cost reduction and improve efficiency leading to the overall growth of the company.

Over the last three-to-four years, China Mobile Ningbo has formed partnerships to develop the 5G ecosystem in Ningbo for the overall growth and development of the industry. These partnerships have helped it to build a vibrant and thriving digital infrastructure to provide best-in-class 5G applications and services to enterprises and manufacturers in Ningbo.

China Mobile Ningbo has successfully created a 5G-powered digital infrastructure that fosters innovation and business growth. The success of China Mobile Ningbo effectively demonstrates that 5G technology is having a transformative impact on growing the production and efficiency of enterprises. The onus is then on the telcos to use 5G technology to provide best-in-class infrastructure to the enterprises for the overall economic growth of the country.

In future, China Mobile Ningbo endeavours to work closely with different industry verticals to understand their challenges and then introduce relevant 5G-powered solutions to help them address the pain points and grow.

The service providers in other regions can learn from the success of China Mobile Ningbo and use the 5G technology to empower businesses to improve production and efficiency while enhancing their contribution to the economic growth of their country.


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