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Two Polish operators to share optical fibre

2022-01-05 08:39:39



Swiatlowod Inwesticje (trading under the FiberCo brand), the provider of telecommunication services based in Warsaw, Poland, has started a cooperation with Polsat Plus Group.


Polsat's subsidiary Netia will be able to use the infrastructure of Swiatlowod Inwesticje as a result and will be able to offer fiber optic Internet access to new customers.


Agreement on telecommunications access for the provision of BSA (Bitstream Access) broadband access services on the network Optical fiber Investments will allow companies Polsat Plus Group to reach with fiber optic telecommunications services to over 800,000 address points.


The entire range offered under the contract is to increase in the next 4 years to 2.4 million households and offices.

"Netia has approx. 2 million households within its own gigabit networks. Thanks to the cooperation with wholesale partners, i.e. beneficiaries of European Union support under OP DP or Swiatlowod Inwesticje , this potential has been doubled. However, as a result of our own investments in the modernization of the network and the investments carried out by our wholesale partners, in the next few years, Polsat Plus Group - of which we are the stationary arm - will be able to offer services in fiber optic technologies at over 7 million address points. And we have the ambition to expand the group of partners, and thus the range, even more," said Andrzej Abramczuk, President and CEO of Netia.


"The companies of the Polsat Plus Group are key operators on the Polish telecommunications market, and now also key customers who will offer their services on the Swiatlowod Inwesticje network. I am convinced that thanks to the cooperation that has just started, not only the parties to the contract will benefit from it, but most of all the end-user who will gain access to an even richer offer," said Magdalena Russyan, Member of the Management Board for Operations at Swiatlowod Inwesticje.

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