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A1 Telekom Austria Group´s Wholesale IPX Networks Leading in Rocco Survey 2021

2021-11-15 10:46:47

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Tier 1 Rating in the Rocco IPX Customer Survey


With a fantastic overall rating of 4.61, the performance of the Wholesale IPX networks shows the outstanding evolution the A1 Group has developed, being Tier 1 rated by the annual Rocco Customer Service Report.


Judit Gerloczy Albers, Director Wholesale A1 Telekom Austria Group: “We already know today, that IoT and 5G roaming will place even greater demands on IPX networks in the future. That is why it is so important for our customers to have a partner at their side, who stands for guaranteed stability - like A1 Wholesale. After all, we have been reliably providing IPX services to mobile network operators and the entire A1 Group for 25 years. I am pleased and grateful that we were not only able to build on our excellent result from last year, but even achieve the top ranking this year. This achievement is due to the entire wholesale team and makes me very proud."


The A1 Group's high ranking is based on various parameters, including top performance in Reliability (5), Customer Service (5), Technical Expertise (5), Reputation (5), Quality of Service (5), Transparency (5), Flexibility (5), and the company also achieved a top 3 ranking in the General Rating. 


A1 Wholesale Global IPX services secure and stable

Mobile operators are always as strong as their connections. Therefore, to provide a globally stable roaming service, you need absolutely reliable IPX services like those offered by A1 Wholesale. The services include a wide range for maximum connectivity, including 5G. During 2021, a 5G signaling service will also be available. And since numbers always speak for success, A1 also offers A1 Roaming Traffic Reporting and Analytics, a comprehensive analysis tool for visualizing all types of roaming traffic.


This year´s Rocco survey has put questions along the topic how prepared vendors are to provide more connectivity in an upcoming 5G scenario.


MNO Feedback

When questioned on the biggest challenges today when working with IPX services, MNOs have uttered 5G-related topics (“5G SA deployment globally”, “IPX role in pushing operator to get VoLTE and 5G”.), Cost&Pricing ("Wide range of pricing and security") and the security issue ("SEPP intelligence"). Furthermore, Capacity & Connectivity were also major concerns ("Capacity growth","Bandwidth commitment").


About Rocco

Rocco has been labelled “the Michelin of the Roaming and Interconnect Industry” facilitating the rating of Vendors to understand their performance and market leadership. ROCCO does not judge the Vendors directly, it facilitate MNOs in rating them and giving opinions across the vast Vendor base. Thus creating a community for information and advice exchange on specific important Vendor decisions and along the way, some ideas for innovation MNOs would like to see and Vendors might be interested in exploring.

Over 500 MNOs each year contribute to ROCCO Research. After discarding those companies without sufficient votes we have ranked 6 vendors inside the tier one category. This year's highest vendor rating is 4.61, which is a higher rating than in the previous report.

  A1 Telekom Austria Group  
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