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Asda Mobile customers need to order a new Sim to keep using handsets after it switched to 'piggybacking' off Vodafone's network

2021-03-24 16:42:35

Callum Mason | News Reporter

24 March 2021


Asda Mobile customers have been urged to request a new Sim card by September in order to keep using their phones. It comes after the company switched to piggybacking off Vodafone's mobile network this month. Until now, Asda Mobile had used EE's signal. 


From this week, new customers joining Asda Mobile will be automatically connected to the Vodafone network, while existing Asda Mobile customers will be moved over to Vodafone by mid-September 2021. On the surface nothing will change, it just means your mobile will now connect to Vodafone's signal rather than EE's. See our Piggybacking guide for more on how this works.


Asda says the move will enable customers to access new additions to the mobile network, including unlimited data Sims, an online account where you can buy bundles and top-up on the go, and access to 5G data. But if you're an existing Asda Mobile customer you need to change your Sim card by the end of September or else your phone will stop working.


You need to request a new Sim to keep using your mobile


Before you switch Sims, bear in mind that if you have a 30-day bundle you should wait until the last day before this is due to expire or you've used it up to switch. That's because you'll lose any remaining days on the bundle if you move any sooner. Asda Mobile does, however, promise to give all current customers a free month's bundle once they move across (this doesn't apply to new customer who signed up on or from 22 March 2021).


There are three different ways you can get a replacement Sim:


Order one for free online. Log in to your Asda Mobile account to do this.


Order one for free on the phone. You can call Asda Mobile’s customer services team on 0808 006 2732 for free from your Asda mobile device.


Pick up a Sim for 50p in store at Asda supermarkets (we're checking if they're available in all supermarkets) and have the cash returned to you in credit). Once the new Sim is up and running you'll automatically get the 50p back as Asda Mobile credit.

You can switch for free at any point if you're unhappy about the network change


Asda Mobile is a pay-as-you-go provider so no-one is tied into a contract. This means you can switch to a new provider penalty-free at any point if you're unhappy about the move to Vodafone's network. It's worth taking this opportunity to ensure you're getting the best value for money on your current network. See our Best Sim Only Deals guide and our Cheap Mobile Finder Tool to find the perfect deal for you.


Just bear in mind, as outlined above, that if you switch part-way through a 30-day bundle you'll lose any unused days and won't get a refund.

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