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SK Telecom Joins Hands with Korea Gas Safety Corporation to Realize Quantum Sensing Solution for Gas Safety

2020-09-15 17:26:46


SK Telecom (NYSE:SKM) today announced that it signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Korea Gas Safety Corporation, Quantum Sensing and Korea Plant Maintenance to cooperate in the commercialization of next-generation gas safety solution based on quantum sensing* technology.


* Quantum sensing refers to a technology that detects or analyzes _objects by measuring photons, the tiniest particle of light possible in nature.


Named Quantum Gas Imaging, the quantum sensing-based gas safety solution detects gas leaks and measures gas concentration by illuminating the target with laser and analyzing reflected wavelength, and notifies the control center of possible risks in real time.


The existing infrared gas leak detectors have a short detection range and cannot measure the concentration of gases. In addition, since they lack the ability to detect small gas leaks, inspectors have to physically visit the suspicious site to check for gas leakage while exposed to the danger of explosions.


The Quantum Gas Imaging solution can visualize gas leaks and concentration at large-scale gas facilities located up to 150 meters away, thereby enabling the control center to make an immediate response based on the accurate location of the gas leak.  


SK Telecom and Korea Gas Safety Corporation plan to test the solution by applying it to a large-scale gas facility in Korea within this year.


Moreover, SK Telecom plans to develop a drone-based Quantum Gas Imaging solution to enable gas leak detection in hard-to-reach areas, and further upgrade the solution by applying 5G and AI for enhanced data analysis. The company is also considering linking the solution with physical security services of ADT Caps, its security subsidiary.


“With Quantum Gas Imaging, we move one step closer to a safer society realized through technology,” said Park Jin-hyo, CEO of ADT Caps and Head of Security Business at SK Telecom. “We will continue to develop diverse innovative services that can enhance people’s safety using quantum sensing technology.”


“With the ability to detect gas leaks and measure concentration from a long distance, the Quantum Gas Imaging solution will contribute to addressing the current difficulties in gas leak inspections,” said Kim Young-gyu, Head of the Institute of Gas R&D, Korea Gas Safety Corporation. “We will make efforts to ensure both safe and efficient management of gas facilities by enhancing the speed and accuracy of gas leak inspections.”

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