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    MWCS2018, MWCS, ZTT   2018-07-04
    On the afternoon of June 29, 2018, the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai (MWCS) has ended. However, ZTT will never stop pursuing its dreams and sincerely expects to meet you again. The Mobile World Congress is an international grand exhibition. At the b
    Datang, FiberHome, joint reorganization   2018-07-04
    On June 27th, 2018, as announced, FiberHome and Datang Telecom will be officially united and reorganized. A new company namely China Information and Communication Technology Group will be set up accordingly, with FiberHome and Datang Telecom as its&r
    FiberHome, Industry's First, 1.2T Optical Transmission Product, Optical Transmi   2018-07-04
    The Industry's First! FiberHome Releases 1.2T Optical Transmission New Product, Debuts at France's NGON Europe Forum From June 26th to 28th (local time), the 2018 NGON&DCI Europe Forum was held in Nice on the Mediterranean coast of Nice,
    Hengtong Optic-Electric, Hengtong, MSCI index, MSCI   2018-07-04
    Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) released a series of semi-annual reviews of MSCI indicators, including the MSCI China A-share Index and Index of the Chinese Stock Exchange (MSCI China Stock Index), and confirmed the inclusion of market partic
    Hengtong, World Record, Submarine Cables, Submarine Cable   2018-07-04
    On June 1, Hengtong completed the 220kV 3*500mm2 cross-linked polyethylene insulated fiber-optic composite submarine cable (the first batch) for the Three Gorges new energy Zhuanghe offshore wind power project, and successfully passed the pre-delivery te
    ZTT, Morocco, Construction   2018-06-12
    Recently, the commencement ceremony of ZTT Morocco was grandly held in the duty-free zone of Tangier Automotive City in Morocco. JAAFAR, General Manager of the duty-free zone of Tangier, OMAR CHRAIBI, Director of Tangier Investment Development Authority a
    FiberHome, Optical Transmission Technology   2018-06-09
    As one of the most important Vender of Optical Transmission Solution worldwide, FiberHome keep contributing to the international standards such as ITU-T and Chinese national standards. Many of the standards are dedicated to the interoperability in-betwee
    YOFC, New Logo   2018-06-06
    On 30th may 2018, YOFC launched new logo ceremony at its 30th year anniversary. Chairman Ma Jie, Executive Director and President Zhuang Dan of the company unveiled the new logo together and announced its official launch to replace the old logo during th
    YOFC, Smart Manufacturing Research Institute   2018-06-06
    "Core technologies are national treasures that we must establish for ourselves; we must possess them in our hands". On May 30, coinciding with its 30th anniversary, YOFC established an intelligent manufacturing research institute in association
    YOFC’s 30th Anniversary   2018-06-06
    Having made great achievements together in spite of the difficulties over the past three decades, we will carry forward the glory together in the new era. On May 30, 2018, Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company (“YOFC”, s
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