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ITU Initiated 5G Bearing Solution Participated by FiberHome

2018-03-03 20:09:17

 In the recent ITU-T SG15 conference in Geneva, Chinese delegation, which FiberHome’s experts were in,  proposed the 5G Bearing Solution, are supported by the global experts, and agreed to be initiated by ITU-T, which is a solid step to form it as an international recommendations by ITU-T.

After the discussion and debate in the conference, the ITU-T Study Group 15 confirms some subjects about 5G bearer network, including the basic demand of 5G bearing functions, network infrastructure of 5G bearer network, development trend of 5G transmission network and etc. FiberHome’s expert is responsible for drafting the content of 5G transmission network structure in the report of GSTR-TN5G, which were discussed and adopted by the conference. This proves the leading position of Chinese telecommunication industry in 5G bearing field, and as the core member, FiberHome actively prompts the report draft and adoption, and initiation of SPN and M-OTN technologies, and FiberHome will keen on development of the 5G commercialization with telecom carriers and all the parties in the industry.

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