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New Future - YOFC 30th Anniversary ICON Officially Released

2018-01-09 09:58:43


On January 5th, Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Company Limited (here after referred to as YOFC, stock code: 6869.HK) held the 30th Anniversary unveiling ceremony for the YOFC ICON, where members of the management committee, assistant general managers of each branch and leaders above of the company were present. Zhuang Dan, executive Director and President of YOFC, delivered a speech and unveiled the 30th Anniversary YOFC ICON along with Vice President of YOFC Jan Bongaerts.


2018 marks the 30 years since the founding of YOFC. As early as last year’s (2017) anniversary celebration, the company officially started preparation for this year’s festivities. The unveiling ceremony for the YOFC ICON’s 30th Anniversary is the first of the “YOFC 30th Anniversary” series of activities in 2018.



In his speech at the event, Zhuang Dan stated, “30 years is just a short moment in history, but for YOFC, we have witnessed the growth and expansion of this company, recorded the every effort and all the hard work of each employee of YOFC, laid the foundation for future development, and accumulated the necessary positive momentum for YOFC to create a ‘NEW FUTURE.’ The achievements realized over the past 30 years was made possible by numerous generations of YOFC employees practicing unified corporate spirit and striving boldly forward together. Today is the starting point for YOFC to start innovating once more!” In his speech, Zhuang Dan encouraged each YOFC employee to continue to make a consistent effort and once again bring glory to YOFC.



After the speech, Zhuang Dan and Jan Bongaerts jointly unveiled the ICON of YOFC’s 30th Anniversary. All the attendees took a group photo with the ICON. Each color and element of the ICON are extracted from the YOFC logo so that the ICON is unified within the company’s vision and is easily and strong identifiable.



The number "30" represents the 30th anniversary of YOFC. The multi-track parallel lines located in the upper half of ICON symbolize both the optical communication industry and the rapid development of YOFC as a company. The bottom half employs the use of the color blue which is the color of YOFC, representing the attitude of stability and competence YOFC utilizes while seeking truth from the facts.


"NEW FUTURE" represents the "magnificent prospect" and "unprecedented new pattern" that is sure to come in the future. The 30th anniversary is both a milestone and a new starting point and indicates that YOFC will enter a new era of unprecedented and globalized development!


Ever since its establishment in 1988, YOFC has grown from a small manufacturing plant with a foreign enterprise into a group enterprise that is mastering the core technology of this industry and dominating the largest global market share to date. It has realized incredible transformations, growing from a "follower" to the "leader". Now, in its prime, YOFC sees its 30th anniversary as its new starting point from which all work from its staff and global partners will create a bright future, together!

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