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Aberdare Cables was seen as the cable supplier of choice

2017-10-20 16:42:04


The 66th AMEU Convention 2017 was hosted by Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality from 8 October 2017 to 11 at the Boardwalk Convention Centre in Port Elizabeth.The 2017 theme was “Technical Solutions for Our Changing BusinessModel”.


In 2017, Aberdare Cables attended the AMEU Convention with a brand new exhibition stand named ‘Pivion’ as one of the key sponsors.



Photo1: AMEU President with Aberdare Personnel


On the first evening of 9 October, the Aberdare hosted a dinner which catered guests in excess of 60 attendees including the AMEU president and his wife.


During this Dinner, Aberdare’s Execcutive Director for Marketing,Sales and Distribution, Mr. Mishack Matlawelcomed the delegates and gave a brief history of AberdareCables as well as where the company is today.Dr Haiyan Song, Aberdare‘s CEO then addressed the customers – highlighting the future plans of Aberdare Cables.



Photo2:entertaining guests at Aberdare Dinner


Aberdarealso arranged lucky draws for the attendees during the show.Tablets and accompanying power banks were awardedto lucky draws winners who visited the Aberdare stand.



Photo3:Lucky draw winner announced


With such effort, Aberdare Cables won the official award for the “Best Medium Sized Stand” with the exhibition design of ‘Pivion’. Through this convention, Aberdare Cables wasseen as the cable supplier of choice.



Photo 4: the official award for the “Best Medium Sized Stand”


About Aberdare Cables

Aberdare Cables, one of Hengtong Group’s subsidiary companies, is a leading cable manufacturer with five manufacturing sites (Three in South Africa and one in Mozambique, Portugal and Spain). With a customer base that includes power supply authorities, railway and transport organizations, municipalities, companies in industries such as petrochemical, mining, wholesale, industrial and domestic construction or building industries.

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