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YOFC Attending Wuhan OVC Expo

2016-12-27 12:29:25


Themed by “Using light to interconnect, Using intelligence to lead”, the 13th “Optics Valley of China” International Optoelectronic Exposition and Forum (abbreviated as OVC Expo) was solemnly held in Wuhan International Expo Center on November 3. There are five exhibition halls in the Expo, namely, Light and Production, Optical Communication, Industry Automation and Robot, Wise Family and Production&Education&Research. The focal points are the exhibition halls including laser optics, infrared ray, 3D printing, optical communication and telecommunication, integrated circuit, Industry Automation and Robot, machine vision, Wise Family and intelligent device to fully present the meanings of “Using light to interconnect” and promote the innovation and upgrade of optoelectronic industry in the Optics Valley of China.
In the Optical Communication exhibition hall, YOFC Optical Fibre & Cable Holdings Co., Ltd. (stock No. 06869.HK, abbreviated as YOFC) attends Wuhan OVC Expo with the theme of “Interconnection Changes Life”. It displays a wide range of products and solutions including new communication optical fibre, new optical cable solution, data center overall wiring, special optical fibre and sensory solution and consumption electronics. The YOFC blue as the main colour along with modular design attracts a lot of audience. The inclusive comprehensive exhibition area of YOFC attracts lots of guests and audience to consult and communicate.
In the part of leaders’ tour after the opening ceremony, Deputy Director of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Huai Jinpeng and City Council Secretary of Wuhan, Ruan Chengfa and other leaders come to the booth of YOFC first. Jiang Zhikang, general manager of YOFC manufacturing center welcomes them. Manager Jiang introduces the overall situation of YOFC and the latest products in this expo. The leaders praise the achievement of YOFC that it has already become the first largest preformed optical fibre rod and optical fibre supplier and second largest optical cable supplier in the world when they learn about it. Meanwhile, Manager Jiang also introduced that on the basis of APAC Optical Fibre & Cable Conference with CRU last year, YOFC will work with CRU to host the world’s first Optical Fibre & Cable Conference this year that is expected to be a huge success.
Working diligently in the field of optical fibre & cable for many years, YOFC is the earliest Chinese optical fibre brand approved by the market. In the future, guided by the aspiration of “intelligent making of rod, fibre and cable and wide application of optical fibre technology to become the leader and most valuable company in the field of information transmission and intelligent interconnecting”, YOFC will continue with the operation spirit of “customer utmost, quality first, people-oriented, innovative and developing” and work hard to realize the strategic goal of “best in the world, leader in the industry”.
As an international conference in the China’s largest optoelectronic information industry base, for 12 years, OVC Expo has been embracing closely around “Optics Valley of China”, the peerless advanced manufacturing base in China, to tap the industry, keep pace with times and explore new domains. The 3-day OVC Expo will attract over 500 national and overseas exhibitors, over 3,000 experts and scholars and over 35,000 audiences to gather together by displaying an international feast combining optoelectronic technology with automation, informatization and intelligentization attentively. 

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