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Nexans Shandong Supplier Day -Open Sharing, Win-Win Cooperation

2023-11-30 14:41:56

 Nexans and supplier partners walk hand in hand on the road of E3 (Economy, Environment, Participation)

On 23-24 November, Nexans Shandong (Cable) Co., Ltd Supplier Day was held in Shandong factory, nearly 80 partner representatives from all over the country gathered in Nexans Shandong factory online and offline.

The theme of the Supplier Conference was "Openness and Sharing, Win-Win Co-operation". Nexans Shandong aims to let the supplier partners understand the development strategy of Nexans Group, feel the new changes in Nexans Shandong, set up a common goal, and move forward hand in hand; at the same time, we take this opportunity to thank the suppliers for their support and trust, and review and summarise the achievements of the past year, and have an in-depth discussion on the cost, quality, delivery, and lean improvement, and talk about the challenges of the future and the new opportunities for development.

Mr Yu Dong, President of Nexans D&U (Distribution & Usages) business in Asia, made a speech for the opening of the day, Mr Ludovic Couffignal, Chief Procurement Officer of Nexans D&U business in Europe & Asia, brought you the voice from the headquarters of Nexans in France by recording a video; Mr Zhu Zhiping, CFO of Nexans D&U business in Asia, and Mr Zhu Zi Ping, CFO of Nexans D&U business in Asia, made a speech for the opening of the event. Mr Guillaume Morin, Raw Material Purchasing Manager of Nexans D&U Business, Mr Cheng Guirong, Director of Shandong Plant and other management staff attended the online and offline conferences.

The whole event consisted of both online and offline parts. 23rd morning was an online meeting for all suppliers, where we introduced the Nexans Group and Nexans Shandong, and shared our latest sourcing strategy for the next few years. During the Q&A session, suppliers asked questions enthusiastically, and the Nexans leadership answered them openly and honestly.

In the afternoon of 23rd and 24th, there were one-to-one offline meetings with some key suppliers. The suppliers gave a brief introduction of their companies, shared the overall situation of their cooperation with Nexans in recent years, discussed the achievements and difficulties encountered in the field of cooperation, and exchanged views on pricing, payment terms, delivery conditions, CO2 emission reduction, etc., and explored the possible room for cooperation in the future.

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