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YOFC Made A Big Splash at ACC 2023

2023-09-19 16:53:16


YOFC made a big splash at Asian Carriers Conference (ACC) 2023 during September 11 to 15 at Cebu, Philippines as both a sponsor and an exhibitor! It presented its impressive products and solutions and a representative from YOFC Philippines even delivered an informative keynote speech on YOFC's technical and service capabilities titled "YOFC Works with Industry Partners to Reshape the Way".


He also shared information about new products and solutions, including G.654.E next-generation trunk line optical fibre, invisible optical cable FTTR integrated solution, marine engineering, and other relevant significant application cases. YOFC is ready to work with various industry stakeholders to extend optical fibre connectivity to every corner of the globe and address local communication interconnection challenges, which garnered significant acclaim from attendees.

At the YOFC booth at ACC 2023, a broad portfolio of products and solutions impressed numerous customers who were keen to explore and familiarize themselves with YOFC. The exhibition turned out to be a complete success, as YOFC's proven expertise and innovative strengths as an optical fibre and cable provider stuck to visitors’ head and YOFC became more influential in the communication industry thanks to the event.

As part of efforts to echo China's Belt and Road Initiative, YOFC has completed significant projects in the Philippines market, including the application of G.654.E optical cable, FTTX projects, OSP backbone network projects, and submarine cable maintenance projects. These endeavors have allowed millions of people access to optical fibre communication interconnection and helped operators significantly increase the proportion of optical fibre broadband users in the Philippines.

With a commitment to the mission of "Smart Link  Better Life", YOFC will continue to actively drive technological innovation in the optical fibre and cable field, offering exceptional solutions to customers, and shaping a more prosperous future with partners in the global telecommunications and ICT industries.

ACC, the leading telecommunications event in the Asian region, has long been a growth enabler for industries. ACC 2023, where global leaders and experts from the global telco & ICT ecosystem come together, was all set to empower industry players from all around the world to connect with the right leaders, movers, and innovation partners, facilitate international business cooperation, and accelerate expansion and growth of global telecommunications industry.

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