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Win in the Digital Future | Application of Smart Optical Network in 5G Bearer

2021-10-19 09:25:39

Under the development trend of digital economy and new infrastructure, optical network has formed a solid foundation for information and communication infrastructure, and its role has moved from behind the scenes to the foreground, supporting the digitalization process of thousands of industries. Digital transformation has promoted new requirements for the development of cloud and network integration. The future network needs to meet multi-cloud access. The best-effort service model must be transformed into a deterministic and reliable guarantee model. In terms of operation and maintenance and service commissioning capabilities, it is necessary to improve efficiency and shorten time.


At PT Expo 2021, which just came to an end, FiberHome demonstrated a service-oriented agile and integrated 5G bearer solution. This solution is the application of smart optical network in 5G bearer scenarios, fully demonstrating the characteristics of "unblocked network, one-click triple connection and intelligent control".



Unblocked Network:Semi-active Fronthaul Board Empowers 5G+


Unblocked network emphasizes the integration capability of the network, reducing the transmission delay and failure risk of information by reducing the stacking of transmission nodes and equipment, ensuring that information and data are unimpeded on the network, and enabling services to have better cloud access capabilities. With the obvious acceleration of domestic 5G construction and opening, 960,000 base stations have been deployed in the first half of 2021. Therefore, it is foreseeable that the demand for 5G fronthaul will continue to grow in the next few years. This poses a very big challenge to the space, operation and maintenance, and energy consumption of the communication room. FiberHome has innovated on the basis of semi-active fronthaul, integrating semi-active fronthaul equipment into access equipment in the form of board cards, which can greatly reduce the amount of equipment by sharing racks and power supplies. In terms of energy saving, it can also save 1400kWh per year in a single computer room, and overall, it has achieved smaller equipment, fewer failures, and lower costs. This is a key step to ensure the smooth flow of the 5G network in the future, empowering the wired and wireless networks, and empowering the 5G+ industry.



One-click triple connection + intelligent control:Provide E2E "surgery" operation experience for smart city service


In order to help enterprises to have a deterministic service experience in the cloud, one-click triple connection provides deterministic network guarantee through network slicing technologies such as FlexE, ensuring that the three major application scenarios of 5G can be connected stably, quickly and accurately with one click. Go to the cloud. 10M-level small particle slices can guarantee fine slices, and one port can provide 1000+ slices, which improves network utilization. Through FiberHome's unified intelligent management and control platform UMC², the visualized management of the network can be realized, and the operation and maintenance can realize second-level intelligent operation and maintenance through the core technology of procedural memory algorithm + telemetry. FiberHome can provide network management with refined operations such as "surgical operation" through one-key three-connection + one-intelligence control, which can increase business monetization capabilities and the best network experience for customers.


FiberHome Smart Optical Network will continue to intensively cultivate technology with an innovative and pragmatic spirit, concentrate on solving technical problems, and strive to become a promoter in the 5G industry, serving multiple industries including smart healthcare, smart education, smart coal mining, smart manufacturing and other typical 5G application scenarios. Facing the future, FiberHome will continue to innovate in the field of 5G bearer, bringing more leading technologies and solutions for industry digital transformation to customers and partners, and jointly accelerate the arrival of industry digitalization.


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