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Culture Special | A Cross-straits Cultural Feast

2021-08-11 15:41:22


On August 6, Hengtong IBG gets a full house in its C-section meeting room, where a cross-straits cultural feast is being served. Yes, a “feast”. Indeed!

He Ying-Wei and Wu He-Ling, two Taiwanese girls pursuing study in the mainland and now taking a three-week internship in Hengtong, are giving a presentation on their motherland, a Taiwan that is different from what we learn from the idol dramas (Taiwan idol drama is popular in the mainland).
This summer, there are altogether 7 Taiwanese students taking their internship in Hengtong. Among them, 5 selected IBG. He Ying-Wei is the elder of a pair of twin sisters. Her younger sister He Ying-Ni is also a trainee in IBG. No wonder, we were innocently confused at first sight of them.
Wu He-Ling, in her own words, “loves tourism, photography, making friends, and trying different livings and cultures”. Graduated in NCKU and majoring in Psychology, He-Ling wishes to further her study in the field of sustainability. In this case, Hengtong, dedicated to green communication and green energy, becomes the best place for her practice.
The presentation kicks off with a slide testing the audience’s knowledge. “Do you know what time it refers to by ‘Ren Ding’ (people rest)?” A traditional time-measuring term, “Ren Ding”, as well as others, is seldom used in the mainland today.
It is probably due to Yu Kwang-Chung’s Nostalgia, a poem we were taught very young in the mainland, Taiwan is always tinged with some sentimentality. To enable the audience to “truly understand the beauty and sadness of Taiwan”, Ying-Wei and He-Ling presented the opening of the documentary Beyond Beauty-Taiwan from Above, and told the saddening story of the director, Chi Po-Lin, who sacrificed his life in an airplane crash when shooting the second season of the film.
(Cross-straits love of big footprint)
After the short but endearing video, the two presenters introduced Taiwan from 3 approaches, namely the Overview, Scenery & Gastronomy, and Entertainment Culture, bringing to the audience Taiwan’s geography, ethnic groups, life style, economic and industrial development, natural and cultural attractiveness, folk religion and beliefs… Well, of course, the idol dramas! And Mayday! And Jay Chou! The two girls are glittering with excitement when recalling bumping into Jay Chou’s soapbox concert and basketball game.
The most veritable part of the Feast, is the gastronomy section. To make it real, IBG bought in advance some Taiwan specialties such as Square Cake (dubbed Coffin Board, as the audience is told), Taiwan chocolate and chopped pineapple. Now they are all put on the table, delighting the eye and finally the stomach.
Feasting on Taiwan food, listening to Taiwan accent, Q&Aing cross-straits topics, with laughter and applause, we epitomize the affectionate relationship across the straits.
Now the internship of the 7 Taiwan colleagues is coming to an end. They will proceed with their pursuit of study and career. In the short 3-week period, they worked with IBG, introduced the August 8th Father’s Day of China to the mainland colleagues, and the twin sisters enjoyed their 20-year-old birthday cake.
A mainland saying goes: “Making the acquaintance of each other is as melodic as a song.” We wish they make progress triumphantly in the future, and also wish the short period in Hengtong will adorn their memory.

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