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800G 1100 km Optical Transmission Test Completed by China Mobile, Huawei, and YOFC

2021-03-27 11:06:38

[Wuhan, China, March 27, 2021] China Mobile Research Institute, together with Huawei and Yangtze Optical Fiber and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company (YOFC), has verified the 1100 km transmission of 800G systems, making new breakthroughs in the field of large-capacity and long-haul optical transmission technologies.



China Mobile, Huawei, and YOFC completed the 800G test together


Huawei has made continuous strategic investments in high-speed optical transmission, and has achieved a series of achievements in ultra-high-speed optical transmission. In February 2020, Huawei launched the industry's first 800G ultra-high-speed optical module in London and applied it to a full series of Huawei OptiXtrans optical transport products, covering various application scenarios, such as backbone transmission, metro transmission, and data center interconnection, greatly improving the transmission performance of optical networks.


The 800G long-haul test conducted by China Mobile Research Institute, together with Huawei and YOFC, adopted Huawei's latest 800G module, which supports flexible adjustment of the transmission rate and wavelength spacing. Based on the industry's unique second-generation channel matching shaping (CMS) technology, faster than Nyquist (FTN) algorithm and AI neuron function modules are loaded to detect complex link environments on networks in real time. This quickly and automatically learns and optimizes network transmission performance, thereby ensuring 800G spectral efficiency and transmission performance. It can provide a single-fiber transmission capacity of 48T in the C band. Tests show that the new encoding technology can effectively improve the 800G long-haul capability.


"Traditional optical communication systems based on simple or lower-order modulation technologies, EDFA amplification, and G.652 fibers cannot meet the development requirements of large-capacity long-haul systems above 400G," commented Li Han, Chief Expert of China Mobile Group & Director of the Network and IT Technology Research Institute of China Mobile Research Institute. "Key technologies and new infrastructures such as ultra-low-loss and large effective area fibers, Raman amplification, high-speed optical components, and higher-order modulation must be introduced. The application of 400G/800G and network upgrade provide a good opportunity to introduce new fiber infrastructures. The complexity of the technology and system needs to be tackled via the joint efforts throughout the entire industry chain," he continued. "The work we've done with China Mobile Research Institute is definitely a milestone for Huawei's 800G solutions," said Simon Lu, President of Huawei's Transmission Network Domain. "Huawei will continue to provide global operators with superior solutions that feature high quality, reliability, and sustainable evolution." 

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