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2021-05-22 10:01:02
With the successively proposal of concepts such as “Ubiquitous Electric Internet of Things”, “Energy Internet”, the development of smart grid now becomes important strategic objectives of China’s energy development. During the 13th Five-Year Plan, the State Grid had increased investment in power transformation of smart grid, with over 8000 smart substations being built. In the coming 14th Five-Year Plan, the State Grid will enter the development stage with a characteristic of high-quality for smart grid, and the demand for smart substations will increase greatly.
Optical fiber cable, one important component in connecting the internal and external control system of prefabricated cabin in smart grid, has a bearing on the stability and reliability of the whole substation’s information system. Since some smart grids are built in some remote places like mountain areas and unmanned areas, and the construction environments are hard and uncontrollable,lots of problems occurred, such as low cabling and fusion efficiency, poor cable reliability, long construction period and high cost. Construction in complex environment has strict requirements on optical fiber cable connector’s performance like dust-proof, waterproof and corrosion resistance. In dark construction environment especially, single-handed blind insertion for FOC connector is a must, the conventional optical fiber cable and cabling method however, can’t meet this requirement.
FiberHome MPO Bundle Connector
The FiberHome prefabricated optical fiber cable solution uses the prefabricated bundle optical fiber cable based on MPO bundle connector and completes the pre-termination process in plant,thus making the key component--multi-core connector connect with all FOC connectors (which includes LC and SC connectors)of various standards safely,fast and reliably in the situation of single-handed blind insertion. And this solution has realized the "plug and play" of the on-site optical cable wiring in the secondary system of the substation, and seen an increase of 90% on the construction efficiency by effectively solving the problems of the low wiring and fusion efficiency, overlong construction period and uncontrollable environment in smart substation.
As one of the drafting units of “the technical specification for prefabricated optical cable in smart substation” (DL/T 1623-2016), FiberHome strictly requires that the design and applicability shall highly match the application environment. FiberHome prefabricated optical fiber cable has lots of advantages such as low loss(insert loss≤0.35dB), high protection(IP68), Standardized (Universal standards), high-density, easy maintenance and modularized. In addition to the application of smart substations, the cable can also be used in optical communication in harsh environments like the remote communication base station,special field communication equipment, rail signal control and mines. In the 5th material biding of the Shandong State Grid and the 6th material biding of Sichuan State Grid, FiberHome won the prefabricated cable section and would provide strong guarantee for new generation substation construction in shortening the construction period, improving communication reliability, and reducing construction costs.

With the rapid development of 5G+ technology, smart grids will become an inevitable choice for global electric energy industry. The construction environment is becoming more and more complex, and more customized requirements are put forward for the performance of optical cables, such as rodent resistance, fire resistance, and sensing performance. At present, in addition to traditional power optical cables, rat-proof ADSS optical cables, power flame-retardant, fire-resistant optical cables and power smart sensing OPGW optical cables developed by FiberHome have been applied in power grids in batches, solving many problems in engineering construction. FiberHome will continue to be customer-oriented, actively cooperate with State Grid in the construction of national smart grid, work with customers to face a new round of energy technology revolution, and help to achieve the long-term goal of China’s high-quality energy development! 

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