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YOFC Helps China Unicom Complete the First Global Carrier-Class LEAF Land Opti-Cable Project Test

2016-08-26 17:02:51


Recently, the first new global carrier “Large Effective Area Fiber” (LEAF) (ITU-T standard code G.654.E) fiber cable land application engineering project whose application test was participated in by Yangtze Optical Fiber and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company (Stock Code: 6869. HK, hereinafter referred to as “YOFC”) passed the acceptance by China Unicom in Hami-Barkol, Xinjiang and Jinan-Qingdao, Shandong respectively, which marks the initial success of the new “LEAF” optical cable test firstly deployed in the global telecom carriers by China Unicom.
In 2014, China Unicom took the lead in launching the exploration of new types of optical fiber in the global industry, and promoted and participated in setting the ITU-T G.654E optical cable standard. In 2015, China Unicom cooperated with the mainstream optical fiber and cable suppliers at home and abroad including YOFC to carry out the field test of G.654.E optical fiber by building two optical fiber trunk cables with G.654.E optical fiber by means of overhead and pipeline in Xinjiang and Shandong. The two trunk cables cross the Gobi desert, frigid snow mountains and expressway communication pipeline respectively. This field test mainly aims at the special studies of new type LEAF in the aspects of its adaptability to harsh environment, construction and installation, maintenance and support technology. The acceptance of the engineering project and technical research was passed smoothly in June 2016.
As the world leading optical fiber and cable supplier, YOFC started the research and development of the related technologies as early as in 2010. In 2013, YOFC completed the first global real-time transmission test of single wave T bit with “FarBand” low loss large effective area single mode fiber in the cooperation of the related organizations, and published papers in this regard internationally in 2014. After that, YOFC cooperated with China Unicom and completed the transmission test of single wave 100G. It is proved by a large amount of theoretical and experimental data that this type of optical fiber has strong transmission performance in the high-speed transmission system superior to other communication optical fibers. During the OFC Conference of United States in March 2015, YOFC officially released the “FarBand Ultra” ultra-low loss large effective area single mode fiber globally and became the first domestic and the world’s third manufacturer of ultra-low loss LEAF products and also the only enterprise who master the ultra-low transmission loss optical fiber technology to fill in the domestic gap in this field.
Not long ago, the responsible person of YOFC expressed in the exclusive interview of People’s Post and Telecommunication News that since 2015, YOFC has actively devoted to the G.654.E existing network verification of China Unicom for the exclusively provision of the two types of single mode optical fibers, namely, low loss large effective area fiber and ultra-low loss large effective area fiber. Special technical team has been established to follow the entire process and actively cooperated with China Unicom to promote the use of G.654.E optical fiber by the existing network in land for the first time globally. In addition, YOFC also takes an active part in the setting of international standard of G.654.E optical fiber products. It submitted a number of manuscripts to ITU-T for actively participating in the discussion and development of the indexes. The latest version of ITU-T G.654 is expected to come out formally in September 2016. In the end of 2015, China Unicom and YOFC jointly led and boosted the approval of communication industrial standard of G.654.E type optical fiber, making outstanding contributions to the standardization and industrialization of this type of optical fiber. 
Following the successful completion of the first global carrier class “Large Effective Area Fiber” land cable engineering test of China Unicom, YOFC will continue to intensify its R&D efforts on G.654.E optical fiber, to share the latest technologies and products in the industry and to provide strong and firm support for the 400G existing network trial verification and the scale deployment in the future.

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