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Optical Fibre Made in Hengtong Assists the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro

2016-08-10 09:58:36


It takes us totally around 25 hours’ flights from Beijing to Rio, making this year’s Olympic Games the farthest away from China in the history. However, we can still watch the games’ live broadcast through our phones and TVs without missing any terrific moments. To realize this, optical fibre networks play a significant role, especially optical fibre made in Hengtong Group Co.,LTD.

Both inside and outside the Rio Olympics arena, we can see Chinese elements everywhere. National flags of different countries, subways, intercom, torch bearers’ clothing as well as Mascots, such things pull us closer to the Rio Olympics. We might even say that as early as before the game started, Made-in-China products have already become the biggest winner.
In 2012, Hengtong set up its first research and development base in Brazil. In May 2016, the first batch of optical fibre was successfully delivered and accepted to help construct the optical network in Rio de Janeiro.

In fact, this is not the first time that such made-in-Hengtong products appear in Brazil. In 2011, Hentgong provided power transmission products for LIGHTS, Rio’s largest distribution company so as to prepare for the World Cup that year. From 2012 to 2014, Hentgong also provided optical communication and data communication products for Telefónica, a telecom operator in Saint Paul.
Likewise, it’s not the first time made-in-Hengtong products appeared in the Olympic Games. In 2006, Hengtong provided products for the comprehensive wiring project of Olympic sports center in Shenyang. At the same time, Hengtong is also one of the main suppliers for overhead lines undergroudization project in Beijing Olympic Games. In August, 2008, Uway Tech, one of Hengtong’s subsidiaries, first launched the real time intelligent monitor system, ensuring the network safety and speed in the Olympic Games arena.  
As the largest system integrator and network service provider in China in the field of power grid and fiber optical network, Hentgong has all along striving to speed up its transformation from a research and development enterprise to an enterprises of innovation and creation, from simply a supplier to the whole-value-chain integration service provider, from a manufacturing enterprise to a platform service enterprise, from a local enterprise to an transnational or global enterprise.  At the same time, Hengtong also undertook Brazil’s national key project---500 kv cross the Amazon Project and created many world's most like the OPGW with big cross section and capacity and so on.

  Network Telecom  Jacelyn Chen
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