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FiberHome Helping China’s Major 3 Operators Achieve 5G Signal Coverage on Mount Everest

2020-05-30 17:19:11

Everest, a wonderland that many travel enthusiasts are fascinated by. It is a holy place with perilous summit and superb view. In 1953, humans first reached the summit of Mount Everest and stood at the top of the world at an altitude of 8848 meters. So far, nearly 5,000 people have climbed Mount Everest. Nonetheless, as one of the ultimate challenges in human history, climbing Everest prohibits the vast majority of people in the world.


On April 13, at Everest Base Camp, FiberHome and China’s big 3 operators officially launched a special action to deploy 5G on Everest. At 2 am on April 14, the first 5G transmission channel to Everest Base Camp was successfully opened through the FiberHome STN equipment, helping China Telecom and China Unicom to complete the opening of 5G sites at the altitude of 5300 meters, and to achieve 5G signal coverage in Everest Base Camp first.


On April 19th, FiberHome helped China Mobile to achieve 5G signal coverage in the Everest Base Camp at an altitude of 5300 meters and the Transitional Camp at an altitude of 5800 meters.


Now, China Telecom, China Mobile, and China Unicom have successively launched 5G Live on Everest, presenting Everest for 24 hours. The audience can enjoy the beauty of Mount Everest at home. Whether it is day or night, more people can see the magnificence and precipitousness of Mount Everest closely.


In order to ensure the successful implementation of 5G special operation, FiberHome with other parties have overcome the numerous challenges of construction in high altitude areas, using long-distance, large-capacity FiberHome OTN to help China Mobile to open the Lhasa-Xigaze channel on April 4, using large-bandwidth, low-latency, flexible-networking FiberHome SPN to open the 10GE LAN pipe from Liuwu, Lhasa to Chengdu core network, making sufficient preparations for the 5G official deployment on Everest. In addition, from the perspective of protecting the ecological environment, this project adopts the armored cable to ensure no excavation or destruction in the core area of Mount Everest, avoiding the adverse impact of the construction on the natural environment.


It is worth mentioning that China Mobile has two 5G base stations at an altitude of 6,500 meters under construction. It is expected that the first 5G signal coverage on the summit of Mount Everest will be achieved by April 25, which will refresh the record of China Mobile’s communication technology on the course of plateau construction.


The 5G coverage on Everest proves that China’s 5G not only has the advantages in speed but also in altitude. This will definitely provide convenient communication services for mountaineering enthusiasts and scientific researchers from all over the world, and give technical guarantee for scientific research and tourism development.


From 0 to 8848 meters, from 1G to 5G, the height of the mountain and the speed of the network are unstoppable. FiberHome will always work with operators to forge ahead in the communications industry.

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