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Fiberhome helps Pakistani users enjoy HD video services

2021-01-12 16:16:45


Recently, empowered by superior technologies and sound client services, Fiberhome has successfully delivered the IPTV turnkey project in Pakistan. In this project, Fiberhome provides a full range of solutions from design, product, construction to acceptance and delivery, providing high-quality broadband access and IPTV video services to nine cities in northern Pakistan, including AJ&K and GB.


Fiberhome assists the construction of high-quality FTTx network in north Pakistan


In the past, broadband services in northern Pakistan have always been analog signals, with a maximum network speed of 8M. This is far from enough to provide the emerging IPTV and other network services, which hinders the process to expand the user base. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly increased the time for local residents to stay at home, and the deployment of a high-speed and stable broadband network is imminent. The operator, SCO, is actively involved in the planning and construction of passive optical networks (PON) in the northern Pakistan.. As the FTTx technology based on 10G GPON has high bandwidth, high rilability, and low maintenance cost, many main telecom operators believe it is a key technology for broadband access deployment. The SCO decided to use 10G GPON for optical broadband network deployment. With reliable FTTx technology, OLT platform and ONT terminals, Fiberhome offers a future-oriented high-quality 10G PON network for SCO. The network provides at least 1G bandwidth for the user to meet the fast-growing needs of data transmission and intelligent services, such as cloud services, intelligent homes, and 4K/8K ultra-high definition videos.


Integrated full-service IPTV system to support the SCO ultra-high definition video network


In addition to developing the broadband access network, SCO comes up with the requirements on the IPTV platform: the platform needs to meet the needs of 90,000 users distributed in 9 cities for HD live TV, time-shift TV and catch-up TV.. After strict screening and comparison, SCO finally chose Fiberhome as the partner for the construction of the IPTV CDN system. The Fiberhome CDN solution has the advantages of quick deployment, flexible expansion and strong decoupling. It eliminates the impact of interconnection bottlenecks between different operators, realizes cross-operator network acceleration, and ensures that users on different networks can get good access quality. Now the local users enjoy a bandwidth of over 1GB, and they not only can enjoy the fun of internet, but also can enjoy the ultra-high-definition video experience brought by high-quality video network at home..


Overcome all the challenges to ensure high-quality delivery and meet all-round requirements of the clients


In light of the bandwidth network development worldwide, high-speed, easy-to-deploy, future-oriented FTTx and IPTV networks are the first choice of the operators. In response to the "turnkey" needs of operators in network construction, Fiberhome is able to provide a full range of services from solution design, solution integration, business testing and engineering implementation based on long-term project contracting experience. Despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Fiberhome finished the equipment delivery, installation, acceptance inspection and debugging for the PON network and CDN platform within one month, and overcame various difficulties, solve a series of technical problems, such as adapting the head end to the CDN platform, dealing with the customized needs of the BOSS system, and the interface specification alignment and data planning between CDN and access/headend devices. With the concerted efforts of the operator and Fiberhome, the project was finally delivered as scheduled. The smooth IPTV video effects “keeps” the users in nine cities at home, helping to prevent the further spread of the pandemic.


This project demonstrates Fiberhome’s comprehensive strengths in strategy consulting, customized product development, overall solution design, and integrated and efficient delivery. In face of the pandemic, Fiberhome manages to provide quality services for the clients, playing a demonstration role in Pakistan. In line with the friendship between China and Pakistan, Fiberhome always puts the client first, keeps deepening the partnership with the operators, and delivers endless fun to more users via a high-quality network.

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