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FiberHome Zhang Bin:Smart Optical Network Connects Thousands of Industries and Helps Digitalization of Industries

2020-11-02 10:24:43


On October 13, under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the "2020 China Information and Communication Industry Development High-level Forum" was held in Beijing. FiberHome Zhang Bin delivered a keynote speech on "Smart Optical Network Connects Thousands of Industries and Helps Digitalization of Industries", introducing the practice of Smart ON (Optical Network) in government, enterprise, industry, 5G and other fields.


Smart ON undertakes data efficient "transportation" and serves a wide range of industries


The Smart ON guarantees the digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises and will effectively promote the development of the digital economy. FiberHome has been deeply involved in the field of optical communications. FiberHome Smart ON has four major characteristics: ubiquitous, ultra-broadband, open, and on-demand. Through capability upgrade, experience upgrade, and operation upgrade, it can better serve thousands of industries and enable the digital transformation of the industry.


Smart ON has entered a new era, empowering application innovation in all walks of life


In the era of digital economy, the digitalization process of key industries has become an important indicator to measure the level of informatization of a country, and China has achieved world-renowned achievements in the development of government, enterprises, industries, and 5G. It is worth noting that the development of government, enterprise, industry, 5G and other fields not only put forward requirements for bandwidth, but also has extremely high demands for intelligence. Smart ON has become an indispensable booster.


Smart ON in government and enterprises field


Shanghai Telecom has released ultra-low latency products based on TP over OTN and is further exploring all-optical small unit technology with more flexibility, larger connections, and lower latency. Beijing Unicom focuses on user experience and breaks the traditional "black box" of private lines to provide government and enterprises customers with the ultimate experience that is visible, sensible and maintainable. Guangdong Mobile is the first to commercialize an all-optical network based on OXC+POTN. It has continued to innovate in terms of operation and maintenance efficiency, energy saving, and open decoupling to ensure high-quality services and further benefit all industries.


Smart ON in the industry field


With the characteristics of large bandwidth, long distance, and high reliability of the smart optical network, an autonomous smart optical network that carries the production control service of the power grid is constructed, which reduces the line loss by 30% and the fault location time of power outage is as low as 1 minute. In the transportation field, smart optical network creates safe, convenient, efficient, and green smart transportation, making road operation safer, public travel more convenient, system management more efficient, and transportation greener and more economical.


Smart ON in 5G field


With the continuous deepening of 5G construction, how to provide differentiated services and how to improve business liquidity has become a hot topic in the industry. Smart ON enable efficient use of 5G and other basic resources from three aspects: network slicing, service intelligence, and connection consistency. Through network slicing technologies such as FlexE, network slicing is realized to provide network deterministic guarantee and support the isolation of different types of services in cities. At the same time, using big data and artificial intelligence to build a smart network, enabling network service capabilities to be upgraded, and using the new IP technology SR simplified protocol to create a cloud-network integration experience that is connected to the cloud.


The construction of a new generation of network infrastructure represented by smart optical networks and 5G is closely linked to the digital transformation of various industries, which will further drive new consumption and new manufacturing, and actively contribute to the realization of modern social networking, digitization, and intelligence.

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