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New Digital Infrastructure, New Practice of FiberHome

2020-11-17 10:12:18


Recently, after defeating the epidemic, Wuhan has finally welcomed the annual influential forum on informatization in the power industry: the 2020 Annual Conference on informatization in the Power Industry. This conference is hosted by the Electric Power Informatization Professional Committee of the Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering, the Information & Communication Branch of State Grid Corporation of China, and co-organized by Hubei Electric Power Co., LTD. of State Grid and Beijing CLP Feihua Communication Co., LTD of State Grid Communications Co., LTD. With the theme of "New Digital Infrastructure, Leading the way with power", the conference closely focused on 5G, big data, artificial intelligence, information security and other hot spots of industries, thoroughly implemented the development strategy of "new infrastructure", and focused on the challenges and opportunities in the development of digital economy and the upgrading and transformation of the power industry.


At the meeting, Li Jiancheng, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, member of Electric Power Informatization Professional Committee of the Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering, vice President of Wuhan University, attended the meeting and gave a wonderful speech. Lin Mingshan, secretary-general of Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering, delivered a speech on behalf of the organizers of the annual conference. More than 350 experts and enterprise representatives from State Grid, China Southern Power Grid, State Energy Group, State Power Investment Group, Huadian Group, scientific research institutes, universities and IT enterprises attended the event.


At the main forum, Li Keng, FiberHome senior technical expert, delivered the keynote speech of "New Digital Infrastructure and New Practice of FiberHome". Li Keng said that FiberHome has been actively embracing the new digital infrastructure and has a good layout and accumulation in the seven major areas involved in the "new infrastructure". While expanding and strengthening the digital connection, we will continue to tap the value of the connection, continue to invest heavily in high-speed network processing chips, intelligent all-optical networks, new generation IP networks, high-performance servers, large-capacity storage, cloud computing operating systems, big data platforms, and AI platforms, the new optoelectronic composite cable OPGW and other ICT products or technologies. Forming a complete end-to-end solution from the physical layer to the network layer and the application layer, more and more core and key technologies of autonomy have been mastered.


Aiming at the core problem of data integration application in the 10 major tasks of digital new infrastructure in the power industry, Li Keng introduced the "cloud - tube - side - end" solution of FiberHome centering on power data from 5 aspects.


Edge Intelligence Solution


The anchor point of power data integration


The intelligent terminal solution for distribution station area is introduced, and the one-stop collection of power distribution and power consumption information is realized to realize on-site data processing and intelligent analysis, and reduce cloud pressure. As a "bridge" throughout the medium and low voltage faults, it promotes the development of low-voltage distribution stations to the Internet of things and intelligence.


Smart optical transmission solution


Main line of power data


It has a complete solution for the optical backbone network and optical access network, which improves network bandwidth, intelligent dispatching, converged bearer, enhances network reliability, and provides a large channel for the construction of the energy Internet. 100G OTN is industry-leading in anti SOP performance, guarding power network security.


5G application solution


Bring innovative leapfrogging to data applications


It has an end-to-end 5G capability solution with "wireless + bearer + core network". Smart slicing empowers grid business, including advanced metering, distribution automation, smart inspection, etc.


Centralized + Edge Digital Center Solution


Build a multi-level data processing platform


Release the complete solution of “central cloud” of master site + “edge cloud” of node site, the center and edge data center are mutually integrated and complementary to realize multi-scenario (single node, active standby, cluster) deployment, zero-touch edge cloud opening. Possess full-stack localization capabilities, independent and controllable, to ensure power data security.


Artificial intelligence application solutions


Realization and upgrading of power data value


FiberHome and State Grid, China Southern Power Grid and other power companies jointly carried out AI application scenario construction and application capability verification under typical power business scenarios, and launched AI dispatch assistant + multi-level collaboration platform. Using "voice recognition, knowledge graph" and other technologies to achieve scheduling assistance decision-making.


At the booth in the main venue, focusing on the theme of new digital infrastructure, FiberHome also carefully presented the latest products and solutions such as smart grids, power data centers, localized servers, platform smart terminals, and FitPole smart light poles.


Guests and scholars attending the forum, the informatization committee of the Chinese Society of Electrical Engineering, and technical experts from various power industries visited the FiberHome exhibition area with great interest and affirmed FiberHome exploration in localization and power Internet of Things and conducted in-depth exchanges on relevant cutting-edge technologies.


In the era of new infrastructure construction, FiberHome Group will give full play to its core advantages in the field of information and communication, starting from the needs of the power grid, and under the framework of the energy Internet, promoting the deep integration of advanced energy technology, information and communication technology, and control technology to achieve industrial digitalization , Digital industrialization, promote industrial upgrading and energy transformation, and help the power industry lead the development of new digital infrastructure.

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