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FiberHome Made a Brilliant Appearance at China Mobile Global Partner Conference

2020-11-25 16:42:57


On November 19, 2020, with hundreds of domestic and foreign partners, China Mobile held the China Mobile Global Partner Conference 2020 at Poly World Trade Expo in Guangzhou, China, with the theme of "5G integrates into hundreds of industries, digital intelligence leads the future".

This year is the 20th anniversary of the founding of China Mobile. Over the past 20 years, China Mobile has built the world's largest mobile communication network with the best quality, advanced technology and excellent service capability, leading and driving China's mobile communication industry from weak to strong. FiberHome is also a witness and participant of this glorious history of development, and a strategic partner of China Mobile.

Rich products and solutions to build 5G quality network

FiberHome has prepared a wealth of products and solutions to assist China Mobile in precision investment, accurate coverage, deployment, co-construction, sharing and efficient collaboration of 5G quality network.

FiberHome has accumulated rich experience in the construction of 5G quality network, and has periodically proposed a quality network scheme with three dimensional features that covers a wide range, stays stable and has excellent experience. The scheme mainly covers three aspects. The first is network infrastructure optimization, which uses refined network planning and networking schemes as well as many end-to-end network collaborative optimization cases to construct a network environment with solid foundation. The second is network quality optimization. Various special promotion means are used to continuously optimize users' experience on the network, covering all kinds of terminals. Finally, perception optimization focuses on key indicators such as upstream and downstream speed and delay and ensures user perception through constant algorithm innovation and parameter optimization.

FiberHome also deeply explores cost reduction and efficiency improvement. The operators’ request of building low TCO network has been considered from many aspects such as the product, the characteristic, the maintenance and so on. From the actual test results, the power consumption of FiberHome has been reduced year by year from 5G pilot network 2018 to 2019 and 5G current network in 2020. The typical power consumption of 5G single station has been reduced by more than 50%.

Enable thousands of industries, accelerate the digital revolution

5G applications also need to be cultivated. Relying on the accurate grasp of the pain points of vertical industries, FiberHome promotes the integration of 5G into all industries and the application demonstration of 5G industry actively. Meanwhile, it will work with leading enterprises and operators in relevant vertical industries to promote the implementation of relevant typical 5G applications, so as to realize the "full flowering" of 5G vertical applications. Internet of vehicles is one of the important applications of 5G high reliability and low delay communication scenarios. Through 5G connection and C-V2X vehicle-road collaborative communication, a new intelligent transportation solution is created. Currently, FiberHome has been leading the way in 5G road collaboration demonstration applications in Xiamen, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Tianjin, Xiongan and other cities across the country. At the same time, FiberHome takes the lead in the formulation of domestic industry standards for CA, and participates in the standardization related work of international 5GAA and 3GPP actively.

Industrial Internet is the key support of the fourth industrial revolution. The integration and innovation development of 5G and industrial Internet will promote the transformation of manufacturing industry from single point and partial information technology application to digitalization, networking and intellectualization, and open up a broader market space for 5G. In April 2019, FiberHome and Hubei Mobile jointly built the country's first 5G smart manufacturing production line, realizing full coverage of 5G signals in factories at low cost, innovatively combining independent networking, edge computing and other technologies, and connecting data collection equipment with the intelligent production equipment in the factory through 5G networks, build factory applications such as enterprise whole-process visualization, intelligent scheduling, supply chain coordination, resource optimization, etc., to improve the level of enterprise information management, and have a good demonstration value.

Intelligent all optical network, consolidate network foundation

New infrastructure is a new driving force for the development of the digital economy. Digital transformation provides important support for China's economic transformation. In the process of realizing digital transformation, consolidating the network infrastructure has also become an indispensable part. The construction of a new generation of network infrastructure represented by smart optical networks is closely linked with the digital transformation of various industries, which will further drive new consumption and new manufacturing, and become a new driving force for economic development.

Adhering to the four concepts of "ubiquitous, ultra-wide, open, and on-demand", FiberHome Smart Optical Network has been upgraded from the three aspects of "capacity, operation and maintenance, and experience". First, through the provision of "large-capacity, high-speed" pipelines and the processing of "small-particle, refined" services, the "capacity upgrade" of the optical network is realized. Through real-time parameter collection, open interfaces and efficient execution, resources can be visualized and quickly opened, etc., to achieve the "experience upgrade" of the optical network. Finally, in terms of operation upgrades, actively cooperate with operators to accelerate network openness and achieve decoupling; breakthroughs in "optical backplane" technology reduce the complexity of network operation and maintenance and save room space and power consumption.

Enrich industry terminals and empower industry applications

FiberHome has been following the industry development and planning of China Mobile to carry out industrial planning. At this year's conference, more than a dozen of the latest industrial terminal products appeared, covering four fields: intercom dedicated communication terminal, general industry application terminal, intelligent video individual and integrated communication terminal, so as to meet the use demands of more industry users in more dimensions. FiberHome’s industry terminal products have powerful functions, can provide higher level of protection and security encryption technology, have the ability of ad hoc network communication and private network communication customization, support the multi-mode integration communication technology of omni-directional and multi-mode scenarios, and can further expand the use scenarios and scope of industry users, and fully cooperate with the market development and project implementation of China Mobile's government and enterprise industry customers.

With the deepening of 5G commercialization, FiberHome will continue to cooperate with China Mobile, actively participate in the technical research and experiment of 5G commercialization and evolution in China, adhere to scientific and technological innovation, empower industrial upgrading and social and economic transformation, help the construction of a powerful country with science and technology, contribute to the maturity of 5G industry and large-scale commercial use, and jointly promote the continuous acceleration of the process of "5G changing society". Let the whole society share the new achievements brought about by the development of communication technology.

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