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FiberHome FitHaul 5G Bearer Solution Was Awarded the 5G Network Construction Contribution Award

2020-07-15 14:25:43


Recently, FiberHome FitHaul 5G bearer solution was awarded the 5G Network Construction Contribution Award by People's Posts and Telecommunications Magazine. FiberHome has helped Hubei Mobile to fully meet the needs of epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production, and contributes to the prevention and control of epidemic situations and empowers resumption of production. Behind this is a long-cultivated 5G application, and it is a high-quality 5G bearer network that supports the implementation of 5G information technology. From the pilot in 2019 to the first commercial use, Hubei Mobile and FiberHome build a high-quality SPN bearer network based on FitHaul 5G bearer solution


FitHaul is A Better Choice for 5G Bearer Network. FitHaul solution fully embodies the network concept of "Ubiquitous, Ultra-broadband, Ultra-simplified, On-demand ", and FiberHome is willing to join hands with customers as well as partners to open the 5G era and share a better future.


To meet differentiated demands of 5G eMBB, uRLLC, mMTC application scenarios in the ‘large bandwidth, low latency, high precision, security, mobility, wide coverage, low power consumption’ and other aspects, FiberHome FitHaul 5G bearing solution proposes to build a DC centric cloud network architecture, through the introduction of 5G bearing technologies such as FlexE,B100G,SR,SDN and eClockSync, in order to achieve lower latency, higher accuracy, more flexible service bearing for the end users.


The FitHaul solution has inherited the features of FitNet: ultra-BB, ubiquitous connections, ultra-simplified network and on-demand service, which once again bring the value in 5G era. It covers the whole network and provides new end-to-end transport network architecture. The solution realizes ultra-broadband by introducing packet processing to the FrontHaul interface, and upgrading the network access layer to 25G/100G, the convergence core layer to N*100G/400G; the service forwarding path is optimized and the node processing delay is reduced to meet the ultra-low latency demand; through the FlexE technology to achieve network segmentation, the introduction of eClockSync time synchronization technology to meet the network ± 130ns ultra-high time synchronization demands; SDN, SR is the method to achieve 5G flexible scheduling of service.


The awarding to FitHaul solution fully demonstrates that FiberHome is ready to face the 5G challenges and well-prepared in the aspects of ultra-broadband transmission (400G / 1T), ultra-large capacity, ultra-low latency, ultra-high precision clock synchronization, network slicing, etc. FiberHome will continue to optimize network bearing solution and maintain the leading position in the 5G era, so that 5G blueprint will eventually turn into reality in the near future.

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