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Speed raise make better live---WIFI6 spread in Thailand

2020-08-06 14:24:49


Mr. Pattarasirakul is a Thailand engineer living on Phaholyothin Road in Bangkok. He found that the world-famous game "Player run known’s Battle grounds" has been running very smoothly recently, and he sometimes even wins championships. This phenomenon is not unique among online gamers in Thailand. More and more Thais can feel faster internet speed than ever before.


The secret behind this phenomenon is the rapid development of Thailand's Internet construction. According to the latest network speed test report released by Speedtest the world-renowned network speed measurement software , Thailand's network speed ranking has risen to the top 3 in the world, with download speeds reaching 159.87Mbps.The Surfing just like fly! Since 2019, the three major operators in Thailand, TRUE, 3BB and AIS, have claimed the slogans ‘True Gigatek Fiber’,“3BB GIGA Fiber”,and“Super Mesh WiFi”, hoping to lead Thailand into the Gigabit era. But the Gigabit optical network is not only based on the backbone fiber, but also depends on the ONU deployed in the user's home. With the continuous growth of home smart devices such as mobile phones, computers, and tablets, and the successive enrichment of home entertainment applications, high-bandwidth, low-latency home networks have become the immediate needs of Internet users in Thailand. Providing users an ONU with stable wireless signals and wide coverage is already a very urgent requirement of Thai operators. Therefore, Thai operators will release new WiFi6 ONUs and APs in 2020, leading users into the gigabit era.


As a close partner of Thai operators, Fiberhome is always committed to the progress and development of the Thai communications industry, providing customers with the latest and advanced WiFi terminals. In 2020,the new generation WiFi6 ONU of Fiberhome has been tested and deployed in Thai operator. Compared with WiFi5 terminals, this new product will not only improve WiFi speed, and coverage , but also bring users greater bandwidth, lower latency and more device access. The ONU is also equipped with a Gigabit processor, using MU-MIMO multi-device transceiver technology, which can support 128 smart devices connected at the same time, effectively improve wireless performance, and improve network coverage quality by supporting mesh networking. In order to ensure the user experience of Thai network users, Fiberhome closely cooperates with the operator's strategy, completed a comprehensive test of this ONU, overcame the impact of the COVID-19, and finally ensured the on-time deployment of this ONU. With the help of FiberHome's high-performance terminal products, Thai operators continue to increase user satisfaction under broadband networks, reduce construction and operation costs of network ,and gain growth in the number of users at the same time.


"In face,I am really eager for virtual reality games," Pattarasirakul said, "5G and WiFi6 should make life more colorful and better, and this is the meaning of technology."Improving the product experience of home network users, thereby assisting operators to win opportunities in the competition for user acquisition then achieve business success,this is the business logic that FiberHome always adheres to.In the future, FiberHome will continue to cultivate Thailand's network market, assist operators to build smart home networks, and bring more high-quality products to users.

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