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Futong Awarded the “Provincial Demonstration Enterprise for One Belt and One Road Construction”

2016-07-27 10:09:33


Recently, the Commerce Department of Zhejiang Province released the list of “Provincial Demonstration Enterprise for One Belt and One Road Construction”, which contains 20 companies. Futong Group was in the list. The promotion of One Belt and One Road Construction is a significant strategy put forward by the Central Party and the State Council of PRC based on China’s national conditions that is meaningful for China to create a new pattern of all-round opening to the outside world and to Expand the new space for international development as well as to promote regional and world peace and development.
Since the reform and opening up in 1978, Enterprises in Zhejiang Province took the initiative to seize the opportunity of economic globalization and actively participated in the international industrial division of labor. Asresult, many have become the active promoter and direct beneficiaries of international investment cooperation in such aspects as introduction to and go out and walk in the forefront of the country. Futong Group, as the private company early implementing the “going out” policy, undertook the role of leading others. During the process, Futong has moved from establishing overseas marketing network to setting up factories in the foreign site and to cooperate with Chinese Private entities to build overseas industrial park. Nowadays, it has realized the “going out” of industry.

In future, Futong will further improve its level of Internationalization and actively explore the new path for private companies to be open to the world.

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