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Hengtong Arrests Media Attention With 5G-Related Capacity

2020-06-13 16:32:45


This year’s government work report makes 5G a buzzword once again.


“We will step up the construction of new types of infrastructure. We will develop next-generation information networks, expand 5G applications, and develop data centers.” As announced by Premier Li Keqiang, “new types of infrastructure”, also a hot-spot growth area with 5G high on the agenda, is expected to boom in a faster manner.


At the juncture of the one-year anniversary of the issuance of 5G license in China, CCTV’s Finance & Economy Channel made an exclusive episode for the recent development of the new types of infrastructure on June 10. With its strong R&D capacity in the core technologies of communications, Hengtong Optic-Electric found itself under limelight again.


Not only a virus, the coronavirus also plays the role of a catalyzer for 5G development. During the anti-pandemic endeavor, major links of the 5G industrial chain grew faster in a synchronized pace with sped-up network construction. Deepened integrations among relevant industries have induced industrial transformations in the IC sector, which are manifesting itself with a multiplying effect. All these are shaping new impetus for a high-quality development.


In this grand landscape, Hengtong Optic-Electric, with its clear focus and strong competitive edge, is making due contribution to the development of 5G key areas such as IoT, data center, smart city, industrial internet, etc.

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