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FiberHome Won the Second Largest Share of China Mobile’s New-built 5G SPN Bidding

2020-02-24 15:03:10



Recently, China Mobile has announced the successful bidding result of newly-built5G SPN equipment centralized procurement projects in 26 provinces from 2020 to 2021, and FiberHome won 31% shareof the bid for all 26 provinces with the first ranking in one province and the second in 25 provinces.


As the birthplace of optical communications, why is Fiberhome leading the development of China Mobile's 5G bearer technology? It comes from the continuous pursuit of technology, continuous investment in research and development, and continuous building of great power. As a traditional leading company in the field of transmission equipment in China, Fiberhome continues to invest heavily in the optical communications field and continuously strengthens its leading position in the industry. In this tender, the comprehensive strength of FiberHome’s technology and services is in the second place. It is also deserved to achieve the second overall achievement.


FiberHome has improved its layout in chip chips, switching chips, network programming chips, and other chips and devices such as DSP, silicon light, and PAM4. It has increased R & D investment in chip links, improved product integration capabilities from chips to equipment, and gradually established the guarantee of the internal use of the chip, realizing the vertical integration layout to open up the upstream and downstream industry chain and build a reliable supply.


As a mainstream manufacturer in China's communications industry, FiberHome has fully participated in the creation of the SPN technology standard system. Together with China Mobile, it has completed the SPN architecture, equipment, management, and protection standards in ITU-T. SPN has become the same new generation of transmission as SDH and OTN network technology system. FiberHome has also contributed a number of international standards, and the standard of 50G FlexE is an important technological innovation point.


The bearing capacity, slicing, FlexE, SR and other key technical indicators of Fiberhome SPN products and their subsequent evolutionary ideas are at the forefront of the industry. In the SPN equipment acquisition test organized by China Mobile, FiberHome successfully passed 31 key test items, and has outstanding advantages in new features such as key specifications, delay characteristics, hardware indicators, green energy saving and slicing.


In terms of the industrial chain, Fiberhome will collaborate with the upstream and downstream to jointly create a 5G open ecosystem, and by providing a secure, intelligent, reliable, and efficient supply chain, it will provide high-quality products and services to global customers in the 5G era. Carry out in-depth cooperation with global strategic partners, and jointly advance the 5G key standards, technologies and patents in advance through joint laboratories and joint innovation. Take advantage of geographical location, combine production, learning and research, and work with the industrial chain to enhance independent innovation capabilities.


FiberHome has been committed to promoting the application of 5G-related products in the country for a long time. In the future, it will also continue to assist operators in accelerating the 5G "new infrastructure" process, and welcome the advent of the 5G era. Together with operators, let China achieve the historic leap of "5G leadership".

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