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Ultra-wide Access Embraces the Age of Big Video

2019-12-04 12:15:30


FiberHome released a new generation of OLT platform in Brazil


Brazilian Association of Internet Providers and Telecommunications (Abrint 2019) was successfully held in Sau Paulo recently. At the exhibition's new product launch, as the theme of ‘Ultra-Wide Access To The Future’, FiberHome released a new generation of broadband access OLT platform. With intelligent slices and other varieties functions, it can help Broadband business in Brazil filed set foot into a new era of ultra-wide intelligence.




With the rapid scale application of high-bandwidth emerging services such as 4K or 8K ultra-high definition video, VR/AR virtualization scenarios and cloud computing, the bandwidth demand of the access network continues to increase. While 5G trial commercialization and scale development, it puts stringent requirements on broadband network construction in terms of bandwidth, delay, security and control, and drives the network toward ultra-wide agile.

Faced with the network construction need in the new era, FiberHome has released a new OLT platform product with key core capabilities such as ultra-wide access, agile application and security operation and maintenance based on the technology accumulation in the field of fiber-optic broadband access. This platform will realize the smooth evolution from 100M to 1G。

 Ultra Wide Access

The new-generation OLT platform released at Abrint 2019 has a large slot bandwidth of 200G, and the single-port reaches the industry-leading 100G uplink capability, easily coping with the ultra-wide demand in the big video and 5G era. The product is deeply optimized for the existing distributed system architecture. Each service single-disk completes addressing and forwarding, and the switching capacity is flexibly expanded to avoid forwarding bottlenecks, which greatly improves message processing efficiency and significantly reduces network delay. The system supports three optical port uplink modes simultaneously: GPON, XG PON, and XGS PON, which helps operators to perfectly adapt to existing network environments.

 Agile Applications

The new OLT platform introduces virtualization technology to implement different services through different virtual OLTs, virtualizing service isolation, resource independence, intelligent scheduling, and on-demand bearer between OLTs. On the slicing capability, the new platform supports the slice with the smallest granularity of the ONU level, which greatly improves the OLT's ability to cope with different service scenarios and effectively reduces the network construction cost of operators.

 Intelligent Operation and Maintenance

The platform SDN/NFV functional design has simple, intensive and open features. The unified planning and deployment of network resources provides software programmability, rich, conveniently open, and flexible response to business expansion. The system provides Gigabit cutover intelligent migration tools, which can implement PON port level OLT internal migration, board level OLT migration and cross OLT migration, which can help network implement migration in one step.

 Safety and Energy Saving

When the security is improved, the average power consumption per PON port is reduced by 25%. The equipment sub-frame and internal structure have been fully optimized, and the fan and air duct position are scientifically designed to significantly improve the heat dissipation performance of the platform and enhance the stability of long-term operation in the network.




With the coming of Big Video Age and 5G, operators need to provide subscribers with higher bandwidth and better user experience, and they need more intelligent operation and maintenance. In the long-term cooperation with Brazilian customers, FiberHome has a deep understanding of network construction needs. As the largest supplier of PON products in the Brazilian market, the new OLT platform and the new ONU are attractive to numerous telecom operators and ISPs. Based on the new generation of OLT platform, FiberHome continues to provide customized solutions such as optical network access, smart city and smart home for Brazilian telecom operators and ISPs.

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