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FiberHome MEC Solution Boosting Ubiquitous Power IoT Commercial Pilot

2019-10-29 11:34:08


China 5G was officially commercialized in 2019, and 5G will help the industrial IOT to realize the transition from industrial digitalization to full interconnection. As the typical application of the ubiquitous industrial IOT application, the power IOT will promote the realization of the energy IOT, which will greatly improve the energy supply and consumption, and lay a very solid foundation for the development of the entire national economy.


The fundamental need for ubiquitous power Internet of Things comes from the current imbalance in energy resources. In terms of power supply, the proportion of new energy sources has increased year by year, and the energy structure has undergone fundamental changes. In terms of power grids, the original problems based on traditional power generation methods, power transmission and transformation methods, and power electronic network characteristics are conflicting. In terms of load status, new energy and environmental protection and the increase in the number of electrical appliances has caused changes of load status. And in terms of energy storage, there is no very effective energy storage method, which directly affects the ability to absorb new energy. Improving power safety production efficiency and increasing marketing efficiency are two key issues that the current power grid needs to solve.


The MEC can be used to migrate intensive mobile computing tasks to nearby network edge servers, which involve core technologies in network, computing, storage and security. Take the mechanical manufacturing industry as an example, and use MEC to solve the problem of multi-device access and protocol conversion. At the same time, MEC is based on typical industry data access features, based on streaming data analysis, data is processed immediately, responding quickly to events and changing business conditions and needs.


As the world's leading optical communication core enterprise, in recent years, FiberHome has vigorously developed new ICT technology and has become a comprehensive information service provider. In the cloud computing, big data technology, 5G, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and other aspects, FiberHome has extensive cooperation with various industry research institutions . In the operator market, FiberHome is discussing with partners the possibility of combining MEC and transmission network, fully exploiting the current network value of MEC, and actively investing in technology and products through research projects in important industries such as power to create the value of MEC. The MEC pilot project will better promote the rapid development of the MEC industry.


FiberHome launched an integrated edge computing solution for the ubiquitous power Internet of Things, building an end-to-end edge cloud solution from the cloud-pipe-edge-end integrity, specifically developing core processing chips and operating systems for the edge, provides different hardware solutions for edge computing, edge computing servers and edge computing gateways according to the edge cloud position in different power grid locations. In addition, under the support of edge computing technology, the FiberHome edge cloud platform can support automated inspection equipment such as drones, robots, high-definition cameras, mobile terminals, etc., and utilizes 5G technology with high bandwidth, low latency, and support for large-scale communication. Besides, automated equipment replaces manual inspections. Pre-set AI algorithm at the edge can realize high-definition surveillance video and image pre-processing, and shorten the timeliness of fault hazard identification to the second level. FiberHome has already begun cooperation with power system research institutes and plans to implement it in the power grid industry in the short term.

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