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Companies Take Social Responsibility When Facing Nature Disasters

2016-07-09 15:03:08


On June 24, 2016, a tornado wrecked havoc in Funing county, Yancheng city in East China's Jiangsu province. The tornado, accompanied by hailstorms and downpours, left 99 people dead. Even worse, large swathes of Central and South China have been hit by rainstorms and floods since June, reminding people of the massive floods of 1998 that claimed at least 1,800 lives and affected more than 100 million people along the Yangtze River. The current spate of floods, in all likelihood, will cause more economic damage than 18 years ago in the affected areas that include 11 provinces, regions and municipalities along the Yangtze River and Huaihe River.

Home to at least 75 percent of the country's early rice fields, Central China's Hunan and Jiangxi provinces, as well as South China's Guangdong province and the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, have been hit hard by rainstorms and floods this year.

In such an eventful summer, companies like Hengtong, ZTT, YOFC, Fiberhome, China Mobile, China Telecom, China Telecom all initiatively took their social responsibility and get to the front line of China’s flood battle. Companies in the Telecommunications Industry contributed large amount of materials, machine engineers and other donates to the disaster areas. The following are photos taken during their warm-hearted actions. 



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