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Intelligent Optical Network White Paper

2019-06-14 09:11:44


FiberHome Released the "Intelligent Optical Network White Paper",Building Intelligent Optical Network with Innovation and Openness.


FiberHome has long been committed to the unification of standardization in the field of 5G bearer and optical communication, and actively promotes industrial development. Recently, FiberHome has released the "Intelligent Optical Network White Paper", which aims to promote the development of intelligent optical networks with innovation and openness under the trend of general restructuring and transformation of operators' networks.


With the development of 5G and network cloud, the soar of network traffic and connections and the expansion of network scale have placed higher demands on the bandwidth and latency of physical layer networks. The demands of differentiation and openness brought by 2C and 2B services, the high construction and operation and maintenance costs of existing closed network, and faster response required by new service, has brought new opportunities and challenges for optical network.


In response to the challenge, FiberHome proposes to build an intelligent optical network solution with technological innovation and open capabilities. Through its "ubiquitous, ultra-broadband, open, on-demand" characteristics, FiberHome helps operators to build core competitiveness.


The construction of intelligent optical network is a systematic innovation project. The research and application of new technology is the key to the construction of intelligent optical network. FiberHome believes that the new technologies covered by intelligent optical network are as follows:


The single-wave 100G rate transmission evolves to 400G or even 800G. The expansion of C-band spectrum resources to the “C+L” band enables intelligent optical network to support ultra-high-speed and large-capacity transmission, and solves the network capacity crisis under the continuous improvement of service bandwidth.


Packet-enhanced OTN supports TDM, packet and ODUk services, meets the requirements of unified multi-service bearer requirements and network simplification. The optical and electric hybrid crossover and the application of OXC facilitates the flexible scheduling and low-latency processing of large-capacity, non-blocking services for network nodes.


The application of SDON promotes the evolution of optical networks from traditionally rigid and static networks to programmable networks with global resource scheduling and capacity scalability.


Drawing on the NFV approach, the optical network will form a layered decoupling on multi-vendor equipment and eventually achieve multi-vendor integration to break the closed pattern of the existing network.


Introduce artificial intelligence to improve efficiency in network planning, management, resource scheduling, and operation and maintenance, to change network operation modes and promote intelligentization.


Under the general trend of restructuring and transformation of carrier networks, optical networks will also be built in an open manner and collaboratively innovated. Intelligent optical network will be built and operated in the form of network decoupling, resource fragmentation and intensive operation.


The decoupling of optical networks breaks the network's closure and resource segmentation, reduces operators' CAPEX and OPEX expenditures, and makes the network open, laying the foundation for cloud-side network collaboration and user awareness.


The fragmentation of resources maximizes the effectiveness of the network. Operators can build a comprehensive service bearer network in a fragmented manner based on WDM/OTN networks and provide differentiated services for different users and services to fully utilize network resources.


Under intensive operation mode, the independent development of operators through multi-domain controllers or collaborative orchestrators has the ability to freely call and arrange the network resources of different regions and different vendors, so that the upper-layer applications will no longer be constrained by network regions and vendors, can flexibly call and combine the underlying resources conveniently and freely according to their own needs.


We believe that intelligent optical network has a broad space for development and will lead the development of optical communications industry into a new era. FiberHome will work with operators and industry partners to explore and research innovations in key technologies, business scenarios and business models for intelligent optical network, to open a new era of intelligent optical networks.

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