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Hengtong delivered 500 kV XLPE submarine cable to Zhoushan again

2019-05-28 17:03:36


Recently, the large length 500kV XLPE submarine cable without joints developed by Hengtong has passed the FAT(factory acceptance test) and successfully delivered.




The submarine cable of the project has been put into manufacture since the beginning of 2019. The tested cable has passed the FAT of end products with AC 580kV/60min, and all indexes are above the TOR. Through self-conducted research and development, design and manufacture of the world's highest level AC submarine cable, Hengtong has successfully broken through the technical know-how of international submarine cable and reached the international leading level in various indicators.




Zhejiang Zhoushan 500kV Transmission project was approved by the Zhejiang Development and Reform Commission in May 2016, with an investment of 4.62 billion Yuan, which is a cross sea interconnection project with the biggest investment and the most difficult in construction. The project creates two world-level records, one of them are the first 500kV XLPE cable which is manufactured by Hengtong.




Followed by the successful delivery of the first 500kV AC submarine cable in 2018, Hengtong won the second transmission line project of 500kV connected north channel in Zhoushan, zhejiang province, China with a total length of 17.4 km in October of the same year.

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