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Leak Coaxial Cable to Free Tunnel Communication from Interruption

2018-11-28 14:47:14


When we are on the high-speed train, we shall have a first-hand experience that the cellphone signals stop as soon as the train enters the tunnel. Generally speaking, when the electromagnetic wave for mobile communication propagates in a long tunnel, the signal will be terminated due to the increase of propagation distance and attenuation to a certain extent. Such long tunnels are especially common in the mountainous areas of southwest China. Antenna is the main mode of outdoor mobile transmission, but it is useless in tunnels. The leaky coaxial cable perfectly solves the problem of signal coverage inside the tunnel due to its structural characteristics that it can serve as both a transmission line and an antenna, thus becoming the first choice for tunnel transmission.




Excellent leaky coaxial cable solution can solve the problems of tunnel mobile transmission and signal, and choosing an excellent solution provider is more critical. A good supplier must have high-quality products, high-level research and development teams and a good sense of service.


High-quality products

The production of high-quality products requires high-quality equipment first, while domestic equipment is relatively backward at present.

High-quality raw materials and strict production control are the guarantee of high-quality products, and raw material suppliers of high-quality products must pass strict testing before obtaining access to ensure that the quality risk at the source is minimized.

High-quality products must be strictly in accordance with international standards in the process of production and design, so that the leaky coaxial cable designed and produced has a stable foaming structure and high-precision slot, and has good transmission performance.

The FiberHome leaky coaxial cable adopts European equipment to ensure that "high precision" can be maintained during the production and testing of products; Strictly screen raw material suppliers; Produce and design strictly in accordance with international standards or standards even exceed the standard requirements, so that the product has transmission attenuation and voltage standing wave ratio that are far better than the standard, guaranteeing excellent transmission performance. In the third phase of Chengdu Metro Line 1, which has a tunnel length of more than 17km, with reasonable breakpoints design, proper laying height design and with high-performance leaky coaxial cable and accessories supplied, FiberHome ensured the full coverage of the tunnel wireless signal. The system was running well, which won the owner's full approbation.




High-level R&D team

High-level R&D team is the foundation of excellent solutions. A high-level R&D team needs rich experience on one hand and strong innovation ability on the other when dealing with new application demands. FiberHome's R&D team is composed of a group of experts who have been engaged in R&D work in the field of leaky coaxial cables for more than 20 years, and has been strengthened by the baptism of domestic projects: Beijing-Wuhan High-speed Railway Zhengzhoudong Railway Station, Nanchang Metro Line 1, Chengdu Metro and international projects: UAE, Australia and Spain. In the face of the new situation, FiberHome Leak started the research of 5G application, and the 5G indoor distribution leaky coaxial cable has been successfully developed, which has won the client's approbation in China Tower Sanming project.


Good sense of service

Good sense of service is the sublimation of excellent solutions. In particular, in the front-line training guidance for after-sales service, technical supervision for installation will be provided throughout the process to ensure one-time completion from product installation training to installation inspection, and avoid the loss of raw materials due to improper construction. And ensuring accurate, timely and efficient installation is the final commitment of excellent suppliers to customers.



The FiberHome service team is at the construction site


With FiberHome leaky coaxial cable, you'll no longer feel the signal interruption in the tunnel!

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