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Committed to Transoceanic Communication, Hengtong Bringing fresh concept of Made in China to the World

2018-09-30 11:30:51


September 24-26, Submarine Network World 2018 was held in Singapore's New Delhi Convention and Exhibition Center. As one of the most powerful offshore cable manufacturers in China, Hengtong demonstrated various kinds of solutions and products such as submarine cables, submarine observation networks, offshore oil platform cables, transoceanic communications, sea trials, and so on, which has attracted attention of telecommunications operators, consulting companies, cable laying engineering companies, cable manufacturers, cable accessories companies and other well-known international cable enterprises.


Submarine Network World, the world’s leading annual submarine communications gathering, has been held for 20 years covering the Asia-Pacific region. There are 100 expert spokesmen in the marine industry and more than 600 leaders from more than 300 organizations around the world to attend Submarine Network World 2018, who are from telecommunications operators, consulting companies, cable laying engineering companies, cable manufacturers, cable accessory manufacturers, cable recyclers, cable communications industry media, the World Bank, etc.


The successful completion of the international test of 5000 meters deep submarine optical fiber cable in 2017 marked that Hengtong broke the foreign monopoly and became one of the few companies in the world to master the submarine cable maufacture technology. After that, Hengtong continued to announce good news in the field of submarine cable. 

After the Maldives project and Comorian project in 2016, Hengtong won the bid for Bolivia's IGW Submarine Cable project in August 2018; Recently, Hengtong signed a memorandum and agreement with Pakistani Internet service provider Cybernet and Djibouti Telecom on the PEACE submarine cable system project.


During the exhibition, Mr. Sun Xiaohua, Deputy Director of Marketing of Hengtong Marine Cable System Co., Ltd., has been interviewed by Network Telecom on the signing of PEACE submarine cable project and the advantages and characteristics of Hengtong cable. Mr. Sun said that apart from Pakistan and Djibouti, the PEACE submarine cable project would also land in Kenya and Egypt. These landing sites have been completed and the main terms of cooperation have also been agreed upon. The signing of the agreement on the landing site is expected to be completed in October 2018.


Hengtong has been in the field of ocean engineering for more than 10 years, and actively explore to the high-end industry transformation and upgrading. Up to now, Hengtong not only has world-class production equipment, but also frequently breaks through international technical barriers in R & D innovation. Also, Hengtong has changed from a manufacturer to a creative innovation enterprise, from a product supplier to a full-value chain integrated service provider, and from local to international. It is understood that, with large length submarine optical cables and a series of solutions for ocean communications, Hengtong will continue to devote itself to the technological development in the field of transoceanic communications and bring a fresh concept of Made in China to the world.

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