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MWCS2018, the Trip to World Brand of ZTT

2018-07-04 10:28:24


On the afternoon of June 29, 2018, the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai (MWCS) has ended. However, ZTT will never stop pursuing its dreams and sincerely expects to meet you again.




The Mobile World Congress is an international grand exhibition. At the beginning, the delegations of European mobile telecom operators visited the booth of ZTT, and made a two-hour conversation with the senior executives of ZTT. The European mobile telecom operators said in the next three years, the demand of FTTH will surge in the European telecommunication market. ZTT’s global arrangement, entering into European market will improve the communication network for them, decrease the operation and purchase cost, and provide great convenience. In the exhibition, the two parties have achieved initial intent of strategic cooperation about the future European telecommunication market. The European delegations also gave high marks on ZTT’s diversified industrial pattern, marine system solution, and the advanced pattern of development & manufacture of ZTT Smart Manufacturing Alliance when visiting the booth.




Some mobile telecom operators and communication engineering companies from Japan, Korea, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Emirates and Latin American countries have made detailed consultation on the products about the tower safety, the energy consumption remote monitoring system and the energy-saving & efficient wiring of data center. They thought ZTT keeps up with the trend of 5G with its comprehensive industry chain and product chain; they also expressed the intention to further cooperate with ZTT to construct and improve their countries’ infrastructure.








During the exhibition, the senior executives of China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Tower also visited ZTT’s booth and appreciated ZTT’s innovative technologies. They thought ZTT now is leading the development of industry and bringing beautiful life of 5G era with its big-size, fully synthetic optical fiber perform, whose proprietary intellectual property rights and stock rights are completely owned by ZTT, and with its specific fiber-optic products, which is customized according to the personalized demand of customers.




Realizing the overall internet of human, machine and things trough industrial internet and intelligent manufacturing will be another key showing of ZTT.




In the exhibition, the visitors were impressed by ZTT’s visual robot, which did quite well in accomplishing various mental games. The robot is the latest result of ZTT Smart Manufacturing Alliance. The developers combine robot with vision system, giving the robot ability to autonomously plan its movement locus under the influence of external environment, and expand its application range. The experts said the visual robot will be applied to support the intelligent manufacturing for companies and meet the customized demand in intelligent device and production line for manufacturing industry.




Besides, in the front of live demonstration sand table of ZTT smart factory, attracted many visitors and they were interested in ZTT smart factory and willing to have cooperation in this field.




With the diversified and various exhibits, ZTT not only attracted many visitors, but also became the headline of medias.




Xue Chi - director of ZTT, Ding Tieqi - vice-president of ZTT, Xie Shuhong - chief engineer and director of research institute, Shi Minquan - CEO of ZTT International...were surrounded by the journalists from the main media and the industry media, such as CCTV, People’s Posts and Telecommunications News, Telecom World, C114 China Communication Network, CCTIME, OFEC Network regarding topics about ZTT’s latest development in 5G, marine communication, data center and innovation, etc.






Moreover, some international media such as Agence France Press and China Arab TV also visited ZTT’s booth and made live report.




Some press corps of the important media such as people.com.cn, xinhuanet.com, Sohu, Caijing.com.cn also visited ZTT’s booth and were impressive.




The future is approaching, the wonderful moment is engraved. The world stage is so huge and let’s meet in the next station!



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