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YOFC Launches New Logo

2018-06-06 17:20:13

On 30th may 2018, YOFC  launched new logo ceremony at its 30th year anniversary. Chairman Ma Jie, Executive Director and President Zhuang Dan of the company unveiled the new logo together and announced its official launch to replace the old logo during the event.




The new logo updated this time has remained the four letters ‘YOFC’ with four different colours. Specifically, instead of using ‘YOFC 长飞 (Chinese characters of YOFC)’, the new logo launched ‘YOFC’ combined with its mission ‘Smart Link Better Life’, presented with red, orange, green and blue colour which were fully filled with different size of circles to replace original lines design style, showing an attitude of YOFC standing at the new start point of history, to embarrass this colourful and diversified new era since 30th anniversary.


The new logo displayed a smart style with abundant colour on letters, delivering passionate and young feelings to the public. In addition, the brand new design of ‘YOFC’ letters, with different size and color fulfilled, driving people’s imagination of the connection with human and space by fibre optic cables, also their unforgettable, memorable moments and remarkable blinks that they experienced through their colourful lives.


Over the past three decades, YOFC has devote itself to its mission of “Smart Link, Better Life”, committed itself to producing good-quality optical preform, fibre and cable products, and aimed to be the leader in information transmission and smart links, so as to bridge humankind  a more smooth communication environment. This is where the design philosophy of this new logo comes from. This new YOFC logo is the inheritance and improvement of its former logo, not only remaining the brand equity accumulated since its establishment but also adding extra  connotations to the brand.


In the future, YOFC will stay true to its mission, forge ahead with a new outlook represented by this new logo, dig up new prospects for its innovative development, and write a new chapter for its business in the new era. 

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