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YOI Held a Grand Opening Ceremony

2018-05-02 10:01:20


On the morning of February 28, 2018, PT Yangtze Optics Indonesia (hereinafter referred to as ‘YOI’) held a grand opening ceremony in Karawang, Jawa Barat, Indonesia. It is the third overseas joint venture cable manufacturing industry of Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company (YOFC for short, Stock Code: 6869.HK), and was established jointly by YOFC and PT FOTI from Indonesia on January 4, 2017. YOI officially started the plant construction in June 2017 and took less than 8 months for its official production, keeping the record of same-year signed the agreement, same-year constructed and same-year produced.




Airlangga Hartarto, Minister of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia, conducted theme speech during the opening ceremony. Mr. Ismail, Director from the Ministry of Communications, Mr. Imam Haryono, Special Assistant of the Minister of Industry, Mr. Risdianto Sulistyo, Deputy Director from Ministry of Industry, Mr. Ma Jie,  Chairman of YOFC, Mr. Jan Bongaerts, First Vice President, Ms. Zhou Lijing, Vice President and Board Secretary, and Mr. Chen Huixiong, General Manager of YOI, attended the ceremony. Mr. Airlangga, on behalf of Indonesian government, delivered a keynote speech, in which he appreciated the continuous investments of YOFC in Indonesia and expected YOI to make great contributions to the communication industry in Indonesia.





Besides, President Ma Jie, on behalf of YOFC, made an important speech, in which he expressed his gratitude to Indonesian government and local stockholders for their full support during the plant construction, and acknowledged the efforts and achievements made by the management team of YOI. He also stressed that the establishment of YOI made YOFC the only local enterprise possessing integrated production capacity in terms of optical fibre and cable in Indonesia and even in Southeast Asia. Moreover, YOFC have input the world-class optical fibre and cable manufacturing technology and management experience to Indonesia, trained local talents and created a large number of jobs, which render YOFC an outstanding representative among Chinese enterprises responding to the Belt and Road Initiative.


With a population of 250 million, Indonesia is the largest economy of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. Recently, the Indonesian government has gradually increased investments in communication infrastructure. Presently, YOFC has seized the market opportunities to build an optical fibre and cable integrated manufacturing base in Indonesia, which is another milestone of YOFC’s internationalization strategy. YOI will definitely make remarkable contributions to the progress of broadband strategy and communication industry of Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries!




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