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Brazil Reaches 67 million 4G Users in February

2017-04-13 09:18:44


The number of 4G broadband users in Brazil reached 67 million in February, showing growth of 120 percent compared to the same month last year.
According to the Brazilian Telecommunications Association (Telebrasil), mobile broadband as a whole, also considering 3G, closed February with 196.4 million connections. Since February 2016, 37 million new 4G connections have been activated. 
The number of municipalities with 4G coverage in Brazil grew even more, with a 254 percent increase compared to February last year. In all, 4G networks are installed in 1,691 municipalities where 74 percent of Brazilians live. 
The 3G networks, in turn, are already installed in 4,994 municipalities, which concentrate 98 percent of the Brazilian population. 
Including both fixed and mobile broadband, data for February show a total of 223.3 million connections. Of these, 26.9 million are fixed broadband (+5%), which saw the addition of 1.3 million new users.

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