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FTTH Coverage in Paris Soon to Reach 90% of Households

2017-04-10 11:37:26


Orange said that the deployment of FTTH in Paris by French operators has come a long way over the last eleven years, as nearly 90 percent of households in the city are already, or will be shortly, covered by FTTH services. 
Overall, this represents 1.357 million homes having access to fibre broadband in the French capital.
For 67 percent of them, the network has been rolled out by Orange and has been made available on an open-access basis to competitors.
Take-up is also progressing, with 75 percent of Orange’s residential broadband subscribers in Paris already connected to FTTH services.
Paris and eight other French metropolitan areas had been earmarked as ‘100% fibre’ cities in April 2015, targeting full FTTH coverage by the end of 2016.
For all of them, Orange said that fibre has been deployed to the street for the entirety of households, as the roll-out continues. 

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