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The rankings of Top 10 competitiveness enterprises in the global marine cables field in 2021 was unveiled!

2021-12-29 13:09:55
On December 28, 2021, the rankings of Top 10 competitiveness enterprises in the global marine cables field in 2021 was announced. The winners are as below: Prysmian, Nexans, Hengtong, ZTT, NKT, Sumitomo Electric, Orient Cables, LS Cable & System, Furukawa Electric and Hanhe Cable.
The event, co-hosted by Asian-Pacific Cable Industry Association and Wire and Cable Information Institute, has been adhering to the principles of fairness, impartiality and openness by judging enterprises from 9 hard indicators like enterprises scale, sales revenues and growth and 5 soft indicators like technology innovation, customer satisfaction, brand awareness, management level of enterprise and corporation culture to vividly show the competitiveness of enterprises. 
Compared with the rankings of Top 10 competitiveness enterprises in the global marine cables field in 2020, from the perspective of numbers, there are still 4 Chinese enterprises among top 10 in the rankings in 2021, reflecting the strong competitiveness and comprehensive strength of Chinese enterprises in global marine cables field. From the data, Hengtong hits top 3 and No. 1 in the marine cables field of the world and China respectively, which is the fruit of Hengtong’s international strategy, long-term R & D investment and technology innovation. The ranking of ZTT and Orient Cables has risen by 1 place and 2 places respectively compared with that in last year, and Hanhe Cable has also achieved great improvement in performance, showing the strong resilience and sound momentum of Chinese enterprises in the global marine cable market.
There is no doubt that it is difficult to lay submarine cables, an essential transmission means of power and communication between coastal islands and continents and between islands. So developing marine cable is an important manifestation of a country’s scientific and technological strength. During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, with the promotion of the development of new energy like wind power and solar energy, marine cable is bound to usher in new development opportunities. 

We hope the continuous monitoring of the competitiveness of enterprises can help them view their development objectively so as to grasp the opportunities and jointly promote the further development of the field through innovation.  

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