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Huawei 5G MEC Solution Hones the Edge of Industry

2021-05-08 13:29:06
[Shenzhen, China, May 7, 2021] The 5G MEC summit was held during the Huawei Developer Conference 2021 (Cloud), under the theme "5G MEC Lights up Industry Application Innovation".
At the summit, Huawei signed an agreement forming the Manage Alliance Relationship (MAR) with Beijing CSVision Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing HIYAN Intelligence-Tech Co., Ltd., aiming to leverage the unique advantages of each party to develop 5G MEC, and, in turn, upgrade industry applications such as intelligent video content analysis, action identification, and machine vision. Together, the three parties will bring about more 5G MEC services and benchmarks for its application.
Sitting left to right: Ying Guang, GM of Beijing CSVision Technology; Tan Feng, Director of Huawei 5GC Business Solution; and Miao Zhenhai, GM of Beijing HIYAN Intelligence signing the MAR agreement
Huawei offers three types of certification programs to partners (COMPATIBLE, VALIDATED, and ENABLED). Certificates are issued to partners to recognize the feasibility and value of the 5G MEC solutions they develop together with Huawei. These certifications serve not only to standardize the application of 5G MEC in different industries, but to standardize it among industry stakeholders, facilitating sustainable development of the industry ecosystem.
At this summit, Leo Ma, President of Huawei Cloud Core Network Marketing Dept; Tan Feng, Director of Huawei 5GC Business Solution; and Liu Ping, Director of Huawei Cloud Core Network Integration Cooperation Dept, presented 5G MEC solution certificates to several partners, including HiAR (Shanghai) Information Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing CSVision Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing HIYAN Intelligence-Tech Co., Ltd., Beijing CAS-Visual-Dimension Culture Technology Co., Ltd, Beijing Microview Science and Technology Co., Ltd., and Beijing Image Vision Technology Branch of China Daheng Group, Inc.
5G MEC certificate presentation

Network edge applications are about to take off. For quite a while now, innovation and integration of edge applications have been considered essential to empowering industries, and 5G MEC is a key driver behind this. Huawei will continue to work together with industry partners, diving into 5G MEC research and practices, scaling up its commercial use, creating a competitive edge with novel applications, and maximizing its value in 5G B2B. 

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