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Integrated Maintenance Service Facilitates Operation Transformation

2020-10-12 16:22:50


Southeast Asia has many beautiful island countries, and its unique natural advantages attract tourists from all over the world. Tourism is an important economic pillar of this region. In the highly competitive tourism market in Southeast Asia, various countries are starting to improve infrastructure and enhance tourism experience from different dimensions to maintain market share and tourist flow growth. Among the many improvement needs, strengthening network construction is one of the priorities. People have long been accustomed to using mobile phones to share the wonderful moments of their journey with others at any time. If you encounter a bad network during the journey, the travel experience will be greatly reduced.


According to the global statistical report, the demand for international bandwidth in Southeast Asia continues to rise, and operators in various countries are accelerating their efforts to promote the country's entry into a super-100M digital society. With the ever-increasing demand for data services, telecom operators are facing more and more challenges. On the one hand, local market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and market share is threatened. on the other hand, the timely rate of installation and maintenance cannot meet the surge in market demand. Therefore, it is particularly important to improve operating efficiency and reduce operating costs.


A is a leading digital service provider in this area. It has the most extensive fiber optic backbone network, fixed network, and wireless network in their country, providing a wide range of telecommunications services. Fiberhome entered the country in 2011 and formally signed a long-term strategic procurement contract for FTTH projects with A the largest operator in their country. Since then, Fiberhome has been deeply rooted here, helping A build FTTH, 4G wireless networks, and government and enterprise industry networks.


Since 2014, the Fiberhome team has officially undertaken the NCLSP (Network Customer Line Service Provision) integrated maintenance project. With the development background of optical advancement in copper retreat, The first optical network construction is rapid, and the market expansion is unprecedentedly prosperous. The project quickly expanded from a region to the capital city, and other regions.


In 2019, A as the main operator of the NCLSP (Network Customer Line Service Provision) integrated maintenance project, faces the problem of rising labor and material costs and urgently needs to reduce costs and increase efficiency. To provide customers with more efficient and high-quality solutions, Fiberhome has changed the model of the original NCLSP integrated maintenance project in this country, from the original STK model (service only) to the FTK model (service + materials).


Fiberhome integrates internal and external resources, provides customized high-quality management services, and cooperates with information management methods (iWork integrated service management software) to realize the integrated and efficient operation of the end-to-end business from feeding, sales to installation and maintenance of the access network. The overall solution helped A achieve a more stable and reliable network, higher service quality and customer perception, less network failure rate, and shorter time to solve problems, and fundamentally reduce operating costs such as management costs, labor costs, and maintenance costs.


Since the A nationwide 32 regional installations and maintenance service was undertaken in 2019, the user has increased by 30%, and the failure rate has been reduced by 20%. At the same time, it has achieved high-quality and efficient delivery of fixed networks, improved service quality, enhanced user perception, and continued to increase the broadband market share.


COVID-19 swept the world in 2020. Since March this year, the country has implemented pandemic prevention and control measures across the country. The distribution of materials and engineering construction across the country have been affected to varying degrees. Fiberhome shoulders corporate social responsibility and its business responsibilities. To ensure the delivery schedule and efficiency, while strictly complying with local pandemic prevention policies, it protects employees and arranges shifts for project implementation; emergency deployment of pandemic prevention resources, and arrangements for engineering vehicles to the local government and medical institutions to provide donations. Since the pandemic, Fiberhome’s professionalism and responsibility have been widely recognized and praised by customers, governments, and medical institutions.


The network construction in this country is entering a new stage, and A will also face more and greater challenges. Fiberhome will always work with customers to bring better network services to every user with innovative and leading service solutions. Perhaps one day in the future, people's impression of the country is not only sunny beaches but also extraordinary online experiences. We sincerely hope that the world will overcome the COVID-19 as soon as possible and everything will be back on track.

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