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China Mobile, Huawei conduct 4K broadcast over 5G slice

2018-12-12 10:16:24


China Mobile and Huawei have announced the first successful implementation of 5G network slicing in global large-scale live broadcasting at the Migu Music Awards in Shanghai.


The companies collaborated with Migu to enable 4K live broadcasting of the ceremony using a 5G network slice established by China Mobile's subsidiary Shanghai Mobile and Huawei.


During the ceremony, 4K video cameras at the red carpet, main stage and other locations uploaded UHD live signals to the Migu videoconferencing cloud data center for production and distribution through the 5G network slice.


The network slice was also used to achieve the first application of 4K live broadcasting over a 5G slice.


Huawei supplied its E2E 5G network slicing solution for the live broadcast, which is designed to slice a network into multiple virtual networks with logically isolated terminals, RAN, transport and core networks.


"The usage of 5G network in various vertical industries will create great changes,” a Shanghai Mobile representative said in a statement.



“China Mobile hopes to implement the concept of 'slicing as a service' to meet the requirements of different vertical industries, and achieve convergence and innovation in industry applications and 5G networks.”

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